Pioneer debuting AVR that reportedly will be Roon Ready

Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805 may become the first Roon Ready component from a mainstream AV consumer electronics manufacturer.

Auro3D immersive processing is promised for June via a firmware update and Roon Ready certification will be added via a second update in September.



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NAD is not a great example. Because NAD is not sufficiently mainstream like Pioneer, Yamaha, Denon, Sony, etc.

More importantly, though, NAD is Roon Ready only via BluOS. That is several levels of abstraction to go from NAD to RAAT.


The receiver promises audiophile-quality music and immersive surround processing for movie soundtracks through Dolby Atmos (with Dolby Atmos height virtualization), DTS:X, and an IMAX Enhanced mode. Auro3D immersive processing is promised for June via a firmware update and Roon Ready certification will be added via a second update in September.

Interesting stuff and opens more options in home theatre without busting the bank…

Unfortunately, the mentioning of “Roon-Ready” has been removed from LX-805 product page.

I was also hoping this would be the first-ever mainstream AVR with Roon Ready and multi-channel capability, but now I’m not too sure.

I don’t understand. See my signal path.

Pioneer and Onkyo are sibling companies now. Onkyo has announced its flagship AVR. Same Roon Ready firmware update statement.

Roon Ready integration (through a firmware update promised in September)



What do you not understand? NAD is not directly responsible for its own Roon Ready integration. Bluesound is. They are separate companies.

Whenever there are problems – and users here have reported various issues with BluOS and Roon – that adds a layer of complexity. NAD is reliant on Bluesound for any solutions.


Ahh ok. I thought you were referring to blu os affecting the signal path, I misunderstood.
I haven’t had any problems with ROON on my NAD, just for balance.

I am actually very excited about this announcement. Right now, I am using Logitech Media Server to send Roon via uPnP to my LX-505 so I wondering with Roon-Ready support directly on the LX-805, would I get the following advantages?

  1. Obviously no need LMS anymore
  2. Native multi-channel support without the need of an HDMI endpoint
  3. Album art on screen
  4. Better conversion using the new Sabre DAC inside LX-805

What other advantages/benefits can we expect?

Follow-up question. It seems from this article they really emphasize the RZ70 is “audiophile level” and specifically give the example of retaining details from HDMI to DAC pathway.

Can we expect the same level of care if not better on the more expensive LX-805?

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This isn’t unique to NAD lots of manufactures use off the shelf streaming solutions from 3rd parties such as stream unlimited, DTS Play Fi, Mconnect etc to add functions. Pioneer use DTS Play Fi for their streaming platform which is quite frankly terrible.

I’m not sure that’s altogether accurate.

Many NAD products require the BluOS dongle/add on to enable roon on the device via the mdc port or USB as that is the streaming module.
However a number of units (like my M33) have it as a native source option without needing to navigate through the BluOS app nor going through any steps in that environment prior to sound.

It is worth pointing out (although I’m sure you are aware) is that even if Bluesound do manage it for some devices, they are both ultimately part of the same stable (Lenbrook) along with Bluesound Pro who work assiduously to avoid roon certification on those products, much to their detriment I might add.

Anyone here has the 805 yet?

With its promised Roon Ready firmware update planned for September I would if it will have native Multichannel support via Roon.

Is there any other Roon Ready amp/device with native MCH support yet? Is it even technically possible yet?

You don’t need the BluOS dongle at all if using it via the ethernet port, BluOS is built into the MDC board that adds HDMi and Network. This is a popular misconception. All the dongle does is add wireless and Bluetooth connectivity nothing else. When I had a T778 I never used the dongle and BluOS worked fine.

I would not count on it being multichannel capable for Roon. Does it currently support it over network via UPnP?

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Wish I had the 805 to test.

Any 805 owners here successfully play MCH via UPnP?

Interested to hear from any owners out there, Roon Ready is supposed to be added this month by firmware update.

I have an Integra DRX-8.4 which is a sibling product. I just switched over from a NAD T778.

I use Roon throughout the house, so I’m eagerly awaiting the Roon Ready certification. Hopefully sooner than later…

Roon-Ready was supposed to be released in September but even when we are in the middle of October, there is still no news, no update and no estimate from Pioneer/Onkyo/Integra/Roon.

I guess no one is giving any of these parties any pressure to address their delay? Even if there is, it’s not effective because there is a general lack of communication from any the above parties when an important timeline has slipped.