Pixel XL2 issues

I am new to Roon, having just installed it on my windows 10 I7 SSD laptop (64 bit). Anyway, the software is working fine but for reasons or reason beyond my pay grade the Roon Core doesn’t want to show up on my Pixel XL2 which is the phone that lives most frequently in my pocket. No problem connecting on Samsung Galaxy S7 or Tab A tablet, only on Pixel. My buddy came over last night with his Pixel 3 and also couldn’t access the Roon Core. What do I do? I just want to buy the software w/o a new phone.

Someone was having a similar problem

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Hey @Steven_Rosen – I have a Pixel XL2 as well, no issues here, so something is different in your setup.

What exactly are you seeing on the screen? Are you able to click “help” and enter the IP address of the Windows machine? Are you able to install Ping on the Pixel and confirm you can ping the Windows machine?

Can you tell us about your networking gear? What router, access points, switches, etc?

When you have Roon open on your phone, do you see the Pixel under Settings > Audio, like this:

Mike, the issue with Pixel XL2 is intermittent. I have 2 Asus routers configured as dual access points. There’s a number of switches, couple of generic and a Netgear 16 port switch as well. Then there’s the Xfinity modem/router as well. The Roon Core is on a Lenovo Thinkpad with SSD via ethernet.

When Roon is connecting on the phone I do see the Pixel as described.

and let me add that I can ping the windows machine but had no luck entering IP address manually