Play issues with Cambridge Audio CXNv2

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon for Mac software (version 1.7 build 667 stable on macOS Catalina 10.15.6), same when using the mobile Roon app to control my core, or Airplay on iOS14.2 or when using via the front USB port (not just a networking issue).

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Wifi and Ethernet cable and USB. Comcast cable modem.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

I have checked, rechecked and checked again my amplification pathway with other sources and there are no issues there, I am using a Cambridge Audio 851A amplifier via balanced cables that are correctly seated plus, periodically, I will get audio but only about half the time. I have tried using a cabled connection, and via wifi and using the ‘auto’ setting. All firewalls etc. are off.

Description Of Issue

I am having persistent issues with playback both with the latest and also when trying to play tracks from a USB stick using the front port. In each instance the CXN is recognized and appears to be playing back. I can see the album artwork and play progress on the front screen but I get no audio whatsoever. I am also sometimes seeing a strange flashing on the screen, which can be seen here:

Is this a cxn V2?

Hi Ged, yes, very good clarification, yes a V2 updated to the latest Roon supporting firmware.

Hi @Paul_Ramsbottom,

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Does the issue also occur if you try to plug the USB stick into the Core?

Hi Noris, firstly, apologies for any typos in my post. I have not been able to edit it since, it keeps telling me that I can’t remove the ‘audio’ tag, and I now see some wording that might be confusing. Anyway, to be 100% clear, I get this issue when streaming from my Core to the CXNv2 via Wifi, cable, or by Airplay from my iPhone or when placing a USB stick (formatted on the same Mac as I use for my Core in case that matters). Roon has imported all the songs from my ‘Music’ folder on the Mac that I use as my Core (iTunes and a handful of songs I bought from HDTracks). I used the USB stick really just as a test, when I started having issues with streaming (dragging a few songs out of the same library that Roon has already imported). Are you saying I should perform a test with a second instance (the USB stick) of those tracks plugged into the same Roon Core Mac, maybe allow them to be imported as well?, and then see if those will stream and play successfully when the others in my main music folder will not? A reminder that the tracks do appear to be streaming to the CXNv2, I see the album art, track name and progress indicator, just no audio. I have tinkered a little, changing my Roon Core to a different system (deauthorizing and reauthorizing). Sometimes I can get it working but not for long, and when the streaming issue reappears, so does the malfunction of the USB option.

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Hello @Paul_Ramsbottom,

Thanks for those additional details, I don’t believe the USB is the main issue at hand, it sounds as if the CXNv2 in particular is having an issue according to the video you sent.

Let’s start off with checking some basics, if you perform a full reboot of the CXNv2 (power off, unplug, wait 30 sec, plug back in), does that help? Do you have the latest CXNv2 firmware installed? See:

Just to confirm here, when you play to your iPhone zone (iPhone speakers itself), you don’t have any issues starting playback there? That would further confirm that just the CXNv2 is impacted.

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