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Since the newest Build of Roon the behaviour of adding a song to the active queue did undergo a change to my perception.

Play Now: I’m not aware of changes; (new) current selected song is played now and songs (unselected) hereafter are added to the active queue as well at the beginning of the queue)

Add Next: (old) the selected song is added to the queue and will be played as the next song; (new) the selected song and all songs hereafter are added to the queue. So now multiple songs are added.

Add to Queue: (old) one song again is added at the end of the queues; (new) selected song and songs hereafter are added to the end of queue. Again multiple songs are added.

In summary: lost the functionality of adding 1 song to the active queue as next song or at the end.
Suggestion: create separate icon for adding all or adding one song or repair previous functionality.

No recent changes here that I’m aware of. Any chance playlists are involved?

The default behavior for playlists is to queue the selected song and everything that follows. You can override this by selecting individual songs and playing them via the selection menu.

The default behavior for everywhere else is to queue only the selected song. You can override this by selecting an individual song and clicking Play From Here on the selection menu.

Thanks Mike. Indeed playlists are involved. I’m selecting songs from different playlists and add those to the active queue.
Why does this exception exist for playlists? Thanks for the override suggestion: this works indeed but is a bit complicated road to get a song in the active queue.

A happy new year :smile:

Has this changed again? I choose play next from the drop down menu and it halts the playing track, inserts the selected track and starts to play it. If I choose add to queue, it inserts it after the playing track, I.e. play next.


Roon 1.4 (December 2017) introduced Customizable Play Buttons.

Roon 1.5 Build 323 (May 2018) is the latest release of Roon Core.

Could you confirm what version of Roon Core and Roon Remote you are running and and on which devices?

I’m wondering if you’re controlling Roon from an iOS device that has not been updated to iOS 11.x which is required to run Roon Remote 1.4 and above.

Hi Carl,

I’m running iOS 11.4 on an iPad mini. The version of the app is 1.5. The core is running on a brand new Innuos Zenith Mk2 which claims to be up to date. The core reports itself to be 1.5 build 323 stable



If you go into the App Store on your iPad search for Roon Labs, click on the app icon you will be able to see the actual version, in my case 1.5.00323

Rebooted the Zenith and it seems to be behaving it’s self now.

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