Playback errors every few days

When it wants to work its awesome. That being said I got a record 5 full days of RoonTidal integration that was seamless and thats only playing a few tracks a day. On the 6th day it went back to being a problem child the screen was lit up like Time square with all kinds of messages that “files are loading slowly” or my favorite “this title is not supported by Tidal” right in the middle of play… uggghhhh…

Jay, there are a lot of “moving parts” to delivering music to your ears, only one of which is Roon. Have you done any troubleshooting?

Hey @Jay_Kassabian – information about your setup, as described here, will help us understand the issue.

Can you confirm whether this only happens with TIDAL, or does it happen with local files too?

Hi Mike and John thanks for reaching out. Well things having been working really good for a bit it was just a few evenings ago when it got problematic. That being said for the year I have had ROON it has been a little difficult but I continue to nurture it along and try to learn as much as I can. I have a tendency to think some of the issue might be the internet feed and at certain times it might get bogged down with perhaps a spike in traffic which causes things with Roon to have issues. That being said the TIDAL app always works fine no matter what the network dictates. I have two 2012 mac minis with 8 gigs of memory one acting as the core and the other in my living room as my main digital source. I have a lacie 1TB drive with all my music files on it in the back bedroom and it is hooked to the core. My network consists of an Apple airport extreme and also an airport express in the back attached to the core to extend the range…

Hello @Jay_Kassabian,

As a troubleshooting exercise, I would suggest temporarily switching your “Core” machine to the living room Mac Mini on your network. I’m curious to see if the extra ‘hop’ your Core has to endure by going through the Airport Express extender may be effecting the performance of Tidal on your network. If you’d still like access to your local music, you can add the Lacie drive as a network share in the storage settings on the Living Room Core.


Hi John could you please advise on the best way to do that? That is switching the “core” location?


Hello @Jay_Kassabian,

Before continuing with troubleshooting, I would recommend ensuring that you have a recent and healthy backup of your Roon database. I have included a link to our knowledge base for a refresher on how backups work here.

On your Mac Mini in the Living Room, do the following

  1. Open settings, make sure you are on the general tab
  2. You should see what “Core” you are connected to, click on the “Disconnect” button
  3. It should take you to the “Choose your Core” page
  4. Select the “Setup” button for “Use my Mac to manage my music library”
  5. Log in with your Roon account
  6. The next screen will ask you if you want to reauthorize your existing Core. This is okay since your existing Core will just turn itself into a Roon bridge temporarily while maintaining your existing database. You should be able to reverse the process and continue where you left off.
  7. You can skip adding music if you’d like, but it may be helpful to have a folder with a few music files in it to compare your experience playing local files vs Tidal streaming
  8. Log in with your Tidal account

At this point you should be looking at your new Roon Core instance. Try playing around with playback to your various zones and note if you see the behavior change. Report back with your findings!


HI John,
Just an update on moving my core- It was very successful.
Everything seems to be much more stable ie local files and tidal…

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