Playback on Chromecast Audio stops after every song

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Chromecast Audio

Description Of Issue
When playing any queue of multiple songs or Roon radio, the playback stops after each song at the start of the upcoming song (roon still shows the pause button, but timer not advancing). I have to click the pause and play again to start the next song, sometimes multiple times. This issue is specific to the Chromecast, all other devices work fine (playback on a PC or iphone).
I’ve seen this issue but I haven’t seen a solution:

Hi @Barna_Dudok,

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Yes, we are aware of this issue and investigating it, we don’t have any updates to share at this time, but when we do we will share in the linked thread.

Thanks in advance for your patience while the ticket makes it’s way through the queue!

Same issue here, not with every song/track however. Anything we can do to determine the cause?

Hello @Arne_van_Balgoijen,

We are still looking into this issue, the latest information can be found in the linked thread.
One workaround we that might help while this issue is resolved is the following:

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