Playback on iOS - no longer a thing?


In version 1.4, it was a big reveal that you could stream to iOS devices.

I’ve installed the latest version (1.6) to my iPhone and all I can seem to do is play to zones? Has this been removed? Or is it hiding somewhere?

Looks like playback to iOS does not work from RoonServer but works from Roon Core running on macOS? How do I get this working with Linux as my server?

I can playback on/to my iPad.
Cannot help with iPhone.

I believe that iOS playback zones are automatically set to be Private Zones when first enabled. That means playback can only be initiated to that zone from the device itself. You can check by opening the device setup (gear icon) in Settings—>Audio for your iOS device.


This option does not display for me.

Are you running it off a Linux server?

I use a Nucleus.
I can play on both iPads and iPhone.

The private zone thing means that if you want to play on an iPad or iPhone, you need to select that output zone on the same iPad or iPhone.
If you turn off Private, you can play on that device from another device, not that I have ever wanted to do that. I make them private to reduce clutter of zones.

Okay, could someone set up a VM and confirm that this issue exists with Linux server version?

From Why can’t Roon Remote Connect?:

If your Roon Core is still on a different network it won’t work.

Roon uses different network protocols for the UI and the audio streaming. Just because you were able to connect the UI to the Core doesn’t mean that the streaming part works.

There is no issue with the Linux server version. Many users run their Roon cores on Linux servers. Roonlabs provides the ROCK OS which is Linux based and sells Nucleus and Nucleus+ appliances which are also Linux based.

I’ll give it another shot today or tomorrow.

I do have another question though, maybe a little off-topic. If I go through all of my music categorization and cataloguing and make it exactly how I’d like… and then I use Tidal on the go, none of that synced right? So your whole music library is locked to streaming at home unless you set up a VPN?

Roon does not sync anything back to TIDAL or Qobuz.

Because some of the underlying protocols of Roon are non-routable, Roon only works in it’s local network by design. The use of a VPN is a non-supported use case. You can find discussions about VPN over in the #tinkering section of the forum.

But there’s also this:

But there is no time schedule for when that will happen.