Playback stops every few minutes [Resolved - Disabled “Energy Efficient Ethernet” setting on Motorola router]


Playback stops every few minutes. I can hit play immediately and playback resumes.

Core is an Windows 10 HP i7 laptop. Music is on USB-attached drives. Core is wire-connected to router. Firewall is turned off.

This happens on all endpoints: multiple Squeezeboxes, wired and wifi, also on a separate Win 10 laptop and a Chromecast Ultra.

I can rarely get my Android devices to connect to the core so I haven’t been able to test with them.

Hey @RJ_Plummer – can you give us a few more details about your network, along with a screenshot of your signal path, as described here?


I have a motorola MR1900 router. As mentioned above. The Squeezebox3 and the core are wire-attached to the router. I also have 2 Squeezebox Duos and a Squeezebox Boom (turned off right now). The core and “RJ laptop” are both HP Win10 x64 laptops. Music is on a USB3-attached 4TB WD drive. According to Roon I have about 9K albums and about 125K tracks, 95% flac (I think all 16/44.1 or 16/48).

I just figured out notifications and saw a support id from a year ago for my android issues. After rebooting and turning wifi on-and-off several times, I was able to get my Nexus 9 to connect and tried entering the ID but that failed.

I can send you signal paths for other devices but they’re all just Source to Squeezebox. For the laptop it’s “Source”, “This PC”, “System Output”.

I can stream to my laptop and Nexus using VLC with DLNA with no issues

Thanks for the information, @RJ_Plummer!

Can you confirm whether or not this happens if you play directly to System Output of the Windows 10 Core machine? Or does this only occur with networked endpoints?

Do you have any active antivirus on the Core machine? If so, does disabling it yield any changes here?

Has this always happened or has this only recently started? If it only recently started, have there been any changes to your setup around the time you noticed this? Any new endpoints, networking hardware, or software that uses the network (VoIP, AV, VPN, etc.)?

Since noticing this behavior have you attempted to reboot your Core machine and networking hardware?

Thank you,

I tried and failed to get any sound to come out of my core machine.

I only use Windows Defender as AV. Turning it off changes nothing.

I moved, so much has changed in my network. I am using VOIP. My router is new – I was using an AT&T supplied router at my previous residence.

I think the issue is likely network-related because it seems like I get several items in my router event log when Roon stops playing. But I haven’t noticed issues with any other streaming

Thanks for the info, @RJ_Plummer!

Since you’re unable to successfully play even to the Core machine, I’d like to take a look at how the media is being stored. Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage for me? All of your media is stored on the USB drives, correct?

I’d like to propose a test that should give us some more information here:

  • Copy an album from your USB storage to a folder directly in Roon
  • Add that folder in Settings > Storage
  • Try to play the album from that storage location directly to the Core machine
    • You can easily find this by using Focus, selecting Inspector, and choosing the Storage Locations option.

If that works, try playing to other zones. Let me know if the experience is any different during this test.


I think I wasn’t clear. I couldn’t even get the machine to beep from the sound control panel. I reinstalled the sound device driver and was able to play 90 minutes continuously on my core machine. Transferred the queue to my Squeezebox3 and stopped playing about 5 minutes later.

Thanks for the clarification there, @RJ_Plummer, and apologies for the misunderstanding.

Yes, in the event that you’re able to play to the Core just fine and only the networked devices are experiencing this difficulty then networking troubles are likely at play here.

Is the new router provided by the ISP? I would check the router’s settings to see if there is any firewall enabled on the router’s end, or possibly any other settings that may be limiting Roon’s ability to play to networked endpoints.

If you attach the other laptop to the router via Ethernet temporarily do you still have troubles playing to it’s System Output?


I thought I’d try switching my core to wifi. Seems to play fine. I guess it’s either a) the wired adapter on my laptop, b) the cable, or c) the wired section of my router. Now if you guys could only resolve the android issue.

Though it seems like your network stack is pretty fragile since Roon is the only application that has visible issues.

FYI, I was simultaneously communicating w Motorola to see if they could help me decipher the router logs. They sent the following:

On your Windows 10 PC. Go into the Control Panel. In the Control Panel go to “Hardware and Sound” > Device Manager (Under devices and printers). Click on the arrow next to Network Adapters. Double click on the Ethernet card. Click on the Advanced menu at the top. Under Property highlight “Energy Efficient Ethernet” and set the Value to off/disabled. Click OK at the bottom. Close all the windows and see if the connection still drops.

That seems to have resolved the issue

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I’m glad to hear that resolved your issues, @RJ_Plummer. I’ll be sure to pass the resolution along to the team.

Happy listening!

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