Playing AAC files causing "modem-like" noises [Resolved]

Given that Roon on Debian doesn’t play AAC music without sending random modem-like noise to the speakers (at least with Tidal), this might not be the best platform to have built this on…

ffmpeg is installed - this is a known bug I stumbled across at the beginning of February.

Hi @JeremyAH ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your observations with us. I have went ahead and moved your post(s) over to the support section of community so this behavior can be addressed directly.

Moving forward, can you please provide the details of your setup as seen here and a screenshot of your signal path/your device settings when you are noticing this behavior (i.e “modem-like” noise).

Lastly, you have mentioned that you are seeing this behavior with TIDAL content, have you been able to confirm the same when playing back locally stored content as well?


Local AAC files play just fine. I encounter this issue several times, I was under the impression that this where Tidal Videos not Music, Than again I didn’t pay attention and just skipped the song.

@Eric Thanks for your reply. It seems my recollection of the bug was slightly incorrect in that it appears to be an issue specific to Roon and Tidal, not all AAC files.

The bug has been replicated by Roon support and Vova commented in the thread 'Roon 1.3 playing ‘Bruce Springsteen, You Never Can Tell (Leipzig 7/7/13)’

“vovaRoon Labs: Support & QAFeb 13
Thanks for the report guys, I can reproduce. Looks like issue is specific to TIDAL AAC tracks + Linux”

Most of the information you requested is in the original support request, but my music is stored locally on the Roon box on a Samsung 850 SATA SSD and there are somewhere around 2000 tracks stored.

There was a bug here with Linux Cores and some TIDAL AAC tracks, but it was fixed a while back, and the symptoms were slightly different that what you’re describing here.

We’re going to take another look at this. You’re definitely still able to reproduce this right? Does it happen every time?

Cool, it seems to be working now :slight_smile:

I hadn’t touched Roon for the past three months as I was worried about the squawking noise damaging my speakers and my message to you asking about this didn’t get a response, so I assumed the worst and thought I’d better leave it until someone confirmed it was fixed.

It looks like it was fixed in the background somewhere, just not relayed back to the original support request.

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