Playing Music with Roon on Windows Laptop at Work (ref#8EABUO)

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I'm unable to play music on my laptop at work. My Roon core is my Mac Mini at my house and, I would like to be able to play music on my windows laptop with Roon while at my office at work. Is there a way for me to use Roon Arc on my laptop? Or, is there a way to use Roon with my laptop at work without logging out of Roon on my Mac Mini at home?

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Ethernet connection

Not really. There is a feature suggestion and you can vote for it:

For a while, Windows 11 included an Android emulator, but I think they have already axed that.

There are 3rd-party Android emulators on Windows, but I didn’t find one that worked well without at least a lot of messing around.

Apart from ARC, the Roon remotes must be on the same network as the Roon server. You could try to create a virtual network with a VPN solution, but

  • I’m not sure if anyone succeeded. It would not be a supported configuration and you’d have to check in Tinkering
  • Before investing time, ensure that you are even allowed to use a personal VPN at work.

I use my laptop at work and run RoonServer on it and move authorized server back and forth no issues. Takes seconds.

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