Roon ARC for Desktop / Laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Roon ARC should have a desktop version so it can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux while out of home.

This connectivity is achievable with a tool such as ZeroTier, but a ‘native’ solution would be much easier for all.

I’ve read in other posts that this is not on the roadmap, can Roon provide their reasoning behind that decision?

I completely agree. I often find myself away from home, but using a Windows device being more convenient for listening to music. I was hoping there was a Windows Roon ARC client since the Android client currently forces 48Khz sample rate. People use Roon for sound quality, and likely would prefer avoiding unnecessary re-sampling.


Yep, it’s important for PC mobile hybrids, also for typical laptops too. Elegant solution on the go. Sometimes you have more battery lifetime on lap/hybrid, not smartfon or tablet. We have Remote but local, so ARC will be better. Light, fast, go.


I would also add there should be an iPad/tablet version. Long term it seems that older Roon apps and Roon ARC should converge…


I must check this, but ARC not work in iPadOS (iPhone app mode)?

Edit. It works, iPhone apps on iPadOS. Ofc app for tablet native will be nice too.

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My first thought when hearing about ARC is that it would allow me to stream to my office PC. Since I don’t have a data cap on my home internet, I don’t see any reason why I’d want to use Tidal at work over ARC if I had a choice.

Would love to see a Windows app.


yes, this would be outstanding!

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yes, it would be great to have ARC on Mac/PC

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I’d love that too! I’m often out and about with my laptop, and dont always have my phone available to listen to music, don’t always want to drain the battery on it, and don’t want to switch between two devices to do what I’m doing. Having ARC available on the desktop, ideally in the standard desktop apps, would be amazing

I was surprised that a desktop app wasn’t included at launch, since part of the sell was to be able to use Roon at the office. I’m even more surprised to read that it isn’t on the roadmap. It will be nice not to create and restore backups multiple times per week!

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I was so disappointed that there was no desktop version of ARC. There was so much build-up about the new Roon remote connectivity features, but then only mobile? Certainly useful in some instances, but certainly not as useful as being able to access my library from work.

+1 Would love to access my core from my work PC.

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Wow, thank you Roon, you have done very well with ARC, I have actually revived my Roon server!

Now now now, if there is a version of ARC that works on my Macbook while I travel and work… or PC for other people, that would be great…

Wonder if that is ever in the work.

The second part is obviously, if there is Apple Music integration it would be great…

Yes I agree an ARC app for computers would be great. Away from home I mainly listen to music at work with a Macbook. Hopefully there will be an app for PC and Mac in the future.

+1 for this request. That would be awesome.

plus 1 for Arc for Mac/PC

The nice thing about the ARC app is that it’s built with Dart/Flutter. That makes it easy to deploy to other platforms, including as a Web app.

I imagine they’ll want to shake things down, first, though.


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