Roon ARC for Desktop / Laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Yes please. I listen to music at my office through my office computer connected to a bluetooth speaker. I prefer the computer because then my phone is free for calls and other tasks that may have audio associated with them. I could use my phone, yes, but then any sound from my phone plays through the speakers too, and when I’m in a meeting or am scrolling news during downtime, I have to specifically disconnect the connection or everything plays. I just prefer having a permanent “music only” connection between my speaker and work Mac, so strongly support this functionality! Thanks Roon!

Vote +10!! Really would appreciate this for Mac and for PC

Me 2 - I’d love to be able to pick up my Roon listening on my office Mac.

+1, use case is listening from work. Would not necessarily require full lossless audio in that case so Roon ARC transcoding would be nice.

Dear Team, currently I don’t want to use Roon ARC, can I disable this service? Every time I click in this panel the search starts again and again. Thanks.

I am quite a new Roon user (just bought lifetime license, though). I am wondering instead, why the need of two different applications. Why not enable the usual Roon app to stream from outside the network?

Hello Roon, I would like a MacOS Roon ARC software so that I can access my home server from work (w/o having to VPN). I know I could use my phone, but my DAC is attached to my computer; and it sounds way better than bluetooth.

Its already requested here:

Be sure to vote for it.

Yes, by adding this feature, you help us not being slaved of programed obsolescence. I am currently running Mac computers from 2010’s It means I am stuck with MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra). I have no need to change these machines and they are still working like a charm for my needs. However, since the latest version of roon, I can’t use Roon sofware on them. I understand roon can’t support older version of Mac and this is not what I am asking. I think, having Arc to run on sort of Web interface or a remote-like application for older computers would be great. Hopefully, the roon team will agree and develop this feature in a next to come version.
If you feel your situation is similar/close to mine, please use the Vote Button at the top of this page.

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PLEASE give us a macOS Roon ARC app, or integrate it into the existing Roon app. Listening at work usually involves 5-10 minutes (a day) of opening and closing NordVPN Meshnet, RoonBridge, Roon Server, and before everything clicks.

my company has a very strict security policy. I can install roon on my laptop but cannot open the ports needed for RAAT. meaning that even though I am in the same room as my Roon core I cannot use it while working. ARC for windows would probably fix this.