Playlist indication next to a track

Hi, in the new software update I don’t see anymore next to the tracks I have chosen and added in various playlists an indication that used to be next to every track stating in which playlists the track was included. Now, with no indication I add a track more than one time since I can’t see thats already there. I’m I missing something? is it in another place?

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Hi George, unfortunately it appears this feature has been removed :frowning:

There is a lot of users affected (including myself)

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Hi Yiannis, Thanks for your replay. If Roon is all about organising, a very important part of it it’s missing. One can only hope that this can be fixed in future updates…

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Totally agree with you George. Music organisation, management and curation is what (I hope) Roon should offer. The ability to Tag tracks, add them to playlists and then use bookmarks with focus, that was really really important for me. Not being able to see where a track is (i.e. which playlist) means that I would have not way to organise them. We used to have this ability but it was removed in the latest version :-(.

While I do hope Roon changes their mind about this… I am not sure they will. I started using Roon back in 2017 and I remember my first comment to the support team was: “please improve playlist management options” (Playlist management questions).This was 4 years ago… I was hoping that over the years, new functionality would have been added to allow us users to manage our library. It sadly appears that things went the other way (i.e. reduction in library management functionality).

Dear Yiannis,

That’s very discouraging if it’s even a little bit true. I mean what do they have to gain from cutting these things off? Most people want those functions I should imagine. Especially with big libraries. Hopefully they can listen to popular demand and introduce them back in the software. It’s a no brainer if you ask me. I don’t know what purist mind would discard something so useful. Fingers crossed though. Hope dies last…

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Some good news! When browsing the settings in the new updated Roon 1.8 v. In the section General settings then on browsing preferences we can activate the “show playlists on album page”. This brings back what was there by default in the previous version of Roon. The playlist indication, which I personally have missed so much. It was there after all. A good turn of events!

Thank you George for pointing this out. And thank you Roon for putting this back in.