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I have moved my library to a new NAS. The core is still on the same PC (Windows 10pro). Everything works fine. But when I open the Playlist I can see the songs but it say UNAVAILABLE.
What can I do?

Hey @Rainer_Drechsler — Thank you for reaching out!

When viewing the playlist, if you add the file path as a column (in the column header choose the arrow on the far right and enable Path), is the path shown for the old library location?

When you moved your files to a new location did you follow the steps listed in this article? When moving your library it is important to disable your previous watched folders before adding your new ones. If you didn’t do this, the best option is to restore your most recent backup before you moved your library and re-do the process.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!


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Hi Dylan,
thanks for your advice. My backup is too old so my favourite idea is to edit the playlists and give them the right (new) path. But where can I find the playlists?

Hi @Rainer_Drechsler,

You can see the path by doing the following:

  1. Go to the playlist.
  2. Select the Arrow at the very right of the header
  3. Enable Path

One thing to note, though, is that the path cannot be edited here, only viewed.


Hi Dylan, thanks for your help, Now I can see the path of the songs in my playlist. Bute the path is wrong - so I can not play them. I need to edit the path. Thanks Rainer

Hey @Rainer_Drechsler,

As mentioned above, you can only view the path here. The path cannot be edited.

To expand on this, Roon sees these as two separate files (the file that was at the old path, and the file at the new path). The migration method that I shared above avoids this. If you’re unable to restore a backup like mentioned above, the best method is to re-create those playlists in Roon.


Hey Dylan, I just started to make a new playlist and added some tracks. I can not see the m3u file. Where is this playlist located?
Thanks Rainer

Hey @Rainer_Drechsler,

Roon playlists are specific to Roon and don’t have an m3u file. You can export the playlist. When you export a playlist, any local files contained in that playlist will be copied. An M3U playlist file will also be created.


Hi Dylan,
for my understanding I have to ask you again about the playlist:
I added a new playlist and added a track which I already have in my old existing playlist. Then I looked at the path option and in both playlist the path is exact the same. But the track in the old playlist is not available. In the new playlist it works with the same path to the track. What is wrong with my old playlist?

The problem isn’t the playlists or the path – Roon tracks files using their audio content, which means that you can move files to a new hard drive, or even rename them, and Roon will be able to track the file wherever it ends up, which ensures your playlists, play history, edits, and other information stored in your Roon database aren’t lost.

If you follow the storage migration instructions Dylan linked above all of this is automatic, and you shouldn’t need to do anything – your playlists should just work with your files in the new location.

If you didn’t follow those instructions, Roon may now be tracking each file in multiple places, which is why your playlists are having issues. In effect, your playlist contains a file called SongA.flac, and the process above ensures Roon follows that file, even if you move it to a new folder. Unfortunately, if you don’t follow those steps, Roon may be tracking that file in two different locations (the old folder and the new one) and only the old one was actually part of the playlist.

The best option for you is to restore a backup and follow the migration instructions – that should work 100% of the time. If you don’t have a backup, you can try these steps, but this may not be 100% effective – in some cases you may unfortunately need to rebuild the playlists manually. This is why backups are so important! :grimacing:

  • Make a backup
  • In Settings > Storage, remove all storage locations
  • Once your library is empty (other than TIDAL content if applicable) add the folder where you currently store your media and let the import and analysis complete

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