Playlists for multiple profiles

Bobby, this needs to be addressed, in my scenario, I have the same files on both Core’s, nut have made significant changes in the Core where I want to port over playlists to, I don’t want to lose those changes by replacing them with an older backup just because that older Core has those playlists. Playlists should be their own thing, no?

Hi @Lance_Goler,

It sounds like you made a playlist on one profile and want to transfer it to another profile? If this is the case you can go to the playlist browser -> right-click on the playlist -> 3-dot drop-down menu at the top -> Edit -> Set the playlist Owner (or set to Shared for it to be visible for all profiles).

Is it another profile if I want to move the playlist to another Core? I think I have the same profile on both, no? I unauthorize one when using the other in another home.

Hi @Lance_Goler,

No, profiles reside on the same Core. It sounds like you want to do something different here, which is just share playlists across multiple Cores.

The only way you can currently achieve this if the playlists are local (non TIDAL/Qobuz) is to create a backup and restore the backup on the other PC.

You can feel free to open a feature request or add your feedback to an existing #roon:feature-requests for exporting just playlists, thanks!

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