Playlists - Sort by Date Added

I would like to be able to sort Playlists by the date I added them to Roon. I have 83 playlists and counting. I often add them through the day and then struggle to find them by name later when I want to listen to them.

Sorting by track count and length is of no use to me.

Thank you


This would be great!

I second that. Not only a sort by date added, but also a sort by last updated would be more useful than sort by track count/length for me.

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Loving Roon and also agree a sort by Date Added is definitely needed for anyone with a sizable Playlist collection. I think this would be a pretty easy enhancement to implement.

Thanks for listening…How about a little Christmas present to your Playlist users :smile:

Thanks, Phil

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Yes please, would love to have the option of seeing tracks by ‘last date added’.
Have to keep switching on my iPad from the Roon App, to the Tidal or Audirvana app. Basically to look up what track it was that I liked, and added in last order to then go and find them in the Roon app track listing. Quite frustrating, so it would be great if this feature could be added.
Thanks for listening.

Can they allow them to be sorted by date added? I have lots of playlists and being able to select the one most recently added would be wonderful.

Apparently it’s not been a priority to improve playlists. Sort by date seems to be one of the ‘default’ options that should have been included from the get go.

Mimicing iTunes smartplaylists would be nice too. I know it can be done with tags and filters and something else but oh my it’s a lot of steps that I simply don’t remember and if I have to research how to do it I won’t use it. I just want to listen to music.


+1 for the Date Added option

Good Sort options
Date Added
Last updated
Recently played
Tag/Group/folder hierarchy

Not very useful sort options-
Track Count

Another vote from me! Seems like an essential feature that should have been there from the start

Date Added should be a filter for all personal content from Tidal in Roon (Favorite Albums, Artists, Tracks)

Yes +1 for this please!

Yes please - either Date Added or Last Updated - or both!

Option to sort by date added and also by date created please!


I cant believe we still don’t have this facility to sort playlists by date added .

Me neither. We need this badly as we have a ton of playlists and finding a newly added one can be really confusing and time-consuming.

Hope they add this feature in 1.8.

Fingers crossed

Date Added sorting is more important than alphabetically arranged by default. New songs are added everyday. Audirvana done this ,at least give us some option to do it. In tracks in my iPhone

sorting by Date Added is a very usefull feature for large playlists. Deezer have it for example and I use it often.