Please fix SMB Share reconnection post re-boot

I am running

  • Intel NUC with ROCK OS
  • Windows Server 2012 with RAID5 and several SMB Network shares with my music

When I setup Roon

  • it successfully connects to my SMB shares and adds all my music

BUT anytime you restart Roon / reboot ROCK OS

  • It can no longer connect to the SMB network shares
  • the only way to fix it is to remove the SMB shares and re-add them

Now when my ROCK was stable, that was no big deal. But recently it isn’t performing with Build 274 with my NBR and I have to CONSTANTLY re-start it. That is causing me to have to fix the SMB Network shares EVERY time.

Please fix. I’d be happy to test a fix or provide more details. Just let me know.

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Tagging @support to get you some ideas or see if they need more info

Hi @Mohammed_Samji ---- Thank you for the post and sharing your feedback with us. The insight is very appreciated!

Moving forward, to help us better understand this behavior you are experiencing (i.e losing the SMB network shares) I would like to enable some diagnostics on your account, but first may I very kindly ask you to please reproduce the issue once and note the time when the observation is made.

Looking forward to your follow up, Mohammed. Many thanks!

Sure. You can go ahead and enable the diagnostics.
My account is [personal information removed by support]

The issue can be reproduced 100% of the time when I reboot Roon Server or reboot my Rock.

The SMB Share I am connecting to is a standard SMB File Share on a Windows 2012 Server.

Ok, I just rebooted Roon Server on my Intel NUC running ROCK OS.

As soon as Roon came back up, if I launch the Roon Client from any Device (PC, iPhone, Andriod Phone) it now shows that all of my SMB shares are no longer available.

The error under Setttings -> Storage -> Folders (where I see my SMB Shares) is: "The Drive is not available. Check the drive or edit this folder if its moved.

There is no way to recover. Each time I have to remove the SMB folder, and re-add it.

Once its re-added, it works perfectly until Roon Server is re-started.

Great! Thanks for the followup @Mohammed_Samji!

Confirming that we’ve received the report. I will be getting all of your information/feedback (along with the diagnostics report) into a ticket for analysis by our tech team shortly.


I re-booted my ROCK 18 hours ago, to reproduce the SMB folders being lost so you could connect logs. Thanks for getting the logs.

3 minutes ago, I went ahead re-added the SMB folders so that I could get my NAS music back.

The folder were added, but during the SCAN for music on the SMB Folders, Roon Crashed and restarted itself on the ROCK

Feel free to grab those logs.

Post re-start, it once again, has lost connectivity to the SMB Network shares.

Ok, I just added both SMB Folders back my library, and it is doing a scan again. (if you want logs)

Any updates

@Eric was going to follow up, but I can tell you we looked at this today, and we’re nearly ready to pass it off to QA to reproduce and write up as a ticket.

One piece of information I was missing was a log of the NAS being successfully added after this process:

Eric was going to make sure we got time stamp for that, since the last diagnostic report we generated was unfortunately from right before your post above:

Sorry about that :frowning:

I can generate another report now, but I don’t want to do it if the logs have rolled over from 5 days ago. I hate to ask again, but would you mind running through it one more time and letting me know the timestamp for the failure, and the resolution, then I can get what I need? Apologies for making you jump through another hoop here.

Appreciate your patience here @Mohammed_Samji, thanks!

I just rebooted my Roon Core 2 minutes ago for the stability issue I reported last night.

As usual, the SMB shares are no longer connected after restarting the Roon Web Server. Feel free to grab the logs

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