Please report station errors here

Thanks kindly for the insight @BrianW ! Appreciate you.



Hello Live Radio Team! The link for 98 Rock Baltimore has changed and is no longer working.

Thanks for your help!

Updated the link. Try now

Working now. Thanks, Brian!
Appreciate the quick response!

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Hi - KQED has been broken for me for a few days. There is a single 32kbps stream listed at and that plays jibberish. works fine in my browser. How do we fresh the URL in my Roon system? Thanks!

Hello @Carl_Malamud , yes, I’m aware.
Unfortunately, their stream plays at a very low sampling rate which causes Roon problems. See

I have informed the Roon devs.

After I notified KQED of the issue and its cause, they sent another link for streaming last Friday. Unfortunately, that didn’t work either. I’ve informed KQED that the problem persists.

I recommend that @Carl_Malamud and others affected contact KQED as well. Their EM is

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Can you share the other link please? Useful for testing.

Of course!

Thanks. Effectively the same stream.

Hi Alan -

Thanks for the information. How does one add a new “live radio” URL into Roon? I know if I have local media, I simply drop it on my Roon GUI. How does one a URL such as



This might help:

Adding Custom Stations

You can manually add Live Radio stations by choosing ADD STATION on the My Stations screen: You can add stations that stream in MP3 or AAC formats, and Roon also supports TuneIn web page URLs. You can usually find a streaming URL on the radio station’s website, or you can use the URL of a TuneIn web page.

from the FAQ


Ha. Right in front of me. Thanks! (Radio on the net sure has changed since I first started doing it. Loving my Roon system.)


The original KQED station in Roon is now working.

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Good news. They’ve changed their sampling freq to 22.05. Roon can deal with that.

Your correspondence did the trick. Well done and thank you…

Thank you for your help, Brian!

Several Slam FM! stations seems to have different urls, again.
Slam!, Slam 00s, Slam! The Boom Boom - works
Slam! 40, Slam! Nonstop - not working

Thanks @sergiu_dumitru1 , they should be OK now.

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I think the swedish public service station SR P4 Dalarna has been misplaced geographically once more.
They are officially seated in Falun, Dalecarlia, Sweden.

I’m located less than a mile from them but still had to expnd my “local range” to 250km to find it in this new B806 version.
(I don’t know why this is, but lots of the other regional P4 stations showed up though)

And also, Radio Paradise is impossible to filter up in Live Radio section? I had to search for it in the general search in Roon.