Please report station errors here

thanks for explanation

JB Radio-2 has been off-air for a couple of days; their web site is down. I don’t know why.

“JB RADIO-2 is past!Thanks to everybody!See you in a second space…”

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Thank you. I’ll remove the station.

(I had tried Facebook, but not having an account, I didn’t get anywhere on a tablet. I now find I can on a PC)


Hi @BrianW

please can you update the url for this one?



No problem. Done.

Awesome. Thanks @BrianW !!

Any news on this one?

That was a while ago! Good news is that it uses a stream that Roon is happy with. I’ve added
Europa Radio Jazz.
Thank you for bringing it up again.

Please check if OK.

Hi Brian

Oustanding! Thanks.
I did however hope for access to their FLAC stream, I kind of take that Roon does not support this right now?


If you can find it - it’s not on their website…

Should be this one:

Cant add it to Roon however :frowning:

More info:

Yes, I remember that one. Unfortunately that stream (which is aac 320 by the way) still won’t play.

Sorry (again).

No problem - I thought that I would get 16/44 flac anyhow. Thanks for your effort anyway!

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Took a guess and found a 320 aac stream for you!

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Damn Good work :+1::+1:… see it now. Like late Christmas today :slight_smile:

Hi! I’d like to report that all urls from ORF Stations in Austria changed. The new urls can be found here:


All the ORF stations in Roon now updated, thank you.

(There seem to be a couple of others we’re missing - I’ll add later)

Brian, any chance for some more magic… Can this be made available in Roon? Offer 320b stream: