Please report station errors here

Update, I have re done the ffmpeg update with a putty session and AAC is working again for me.


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Hello again @naryfa_lakshpa, I’ve removed that old JB Radio2 stream (it was still broadcasting, but presumably it will cease at any moment). The new one has been fine since November.

Please check this station. Roon cannot “load track”

Strange, it’s working for me.

Try a reboot?

After rebooting, I get the message: “Playback was interrupted because the track could not be loaded”
that is, no change.

Still OK for me… Has anything changed in your setup since yesterday?

Let’s try removing Roon from the equation for a minute. Can you paste

into your browser and see if it works?

I haven’t changed anything for a long time.
This is how the radio plays through the Chrome browser (from this link)

Sorry, I’m not clear. Are you saying it doesn’t play in a browser?

The radio is playing in the browser (chrome).

Can you play other radio stations?

Yes, I can.

This is very strange. I still have no problems.
Do you still have your my live radio version of Radio 357?
I can’t think why, but maybe Roon is getting the streams mixed up. Can you delete that old version?

Otherwise I’m at a loss and we’ll call in Roon support.

What sort of setup do you have?

My setup: Qnap 253be, Auralic Aries G2 / Vega G2
I only have one version of Radio 357 on Roon

Can you play other AAC files?

An excellent question. Chris is wondering whether your QNAP is suffering from an issue with the codecs.

Please try
WHUR an aac station
WAMU-FM an mp3 station
DJ ZOG a flac station

(Doesn’t explain how @Krzysztof_Marciniak could play it yesterday though)

You are right: I can’t run any radio on aac stream, mp3 can play.

I can play DJ ZOG a flac station too

Ok, you are being affected by an issue with the latest Qnap version which has removed the aac codecs.
Please visit this thread

@crieke has kindly offered to help with the problem.