Pointing Roon to NAS content [Resolved]

I have followed the instructions you gave me for setting up roon in my system, namely:

"run RoonServer core on the mac mini with the most powerful cpu and with an SSD

run RoonBridge on the other mac minis

run Roon on your macbook pro and your iPads

point Roon to your NAS for content."

I have been configuring Roon on my macbook pro, and the version of Roon I downloaded on it also has a core, and I hope this is accurate, although my preferred default core would be Roon on the one macmini on which I downloaded the servercore.

The difficulty I am having now regards having to “point Roon to my NAS for content”…

In the configuration stages of Roon (Macbook Pro), when I get to the “Choose Music Storage Folder” step, I do not see my folders on my Synology Drive in the options offered (I only see options located in my Macbook pro’s hard drive). I do see that I am offered the option to “Add Network Share”, and I am presuming that is where I am supposed to provide information about my NAS, but when I click on that tab, I am asked to provide information about the location of “My network Share” in formulations that are not familiar to me… am I supposed to provide some kind of AP address in that space?

Is there anyway you could assist me in determining the best way to go about this? Namely:

  1. Pointing my Roon to the NAS as the location of the music storage folder.


  1. Identifying the Macmini with the server core as the main default “core” (as opposed to my Macbook pro which is now identified as the core.) So far I can play roon on my Macbook pro, which is very pleasant, but I would like the player to function on my Macmini with the server core, since it is attached to my main audio 2-channel/5.1 HT system.

  2. The servercore located on the macmini does not seem to come with configuration/control menus, and I hope this is the way things are supposed to work since, playback on that machine is supposed to be controlled via remote access from my ipads and macbook pro, if I am understanding things correctly.

Any helpful suggestions/corrections would be really appreciated. Thanks. Patrick

Okay I have managed to figure out how to point roon to my NAS following the instructions on the following page:


Roon is now scanning and importing music files from that NAS

I shall still have to figure out how to get roon to play through the Sonore Microrendu, which is also integrated with roon, using the roon app located on my ios devices and macbook pro. If I encounter any further problems in that effort, I shall let you know.