Polish language in Translations!

(depeszowiec) #1

Please add possibility to improve polish language in Translations.

(Maciej Biwejnis) #2

I second that.

(Mike) #3

Hey @Tomasz_Nazimek @maciekb

We’re talking about adding Polish translations for a future release, but adding it to the system would just be the first step – we really need a Polish speaking “admin” to own the project.

We have a handful of trusted people (generally one per language) that we give “admin” privileges to. These users can perform editorial tasks like deleting bad translations but, more importantly, they can edit the language notes and the “common words” list.

For example, look at this translation in Dutch.You’ll notice some instructions at the top in Dutch, specific to the Dutch language (formality, 2nd person, capitalization rules, compactness, etc…)

Those notes also appear on the root Dutch page and these instructions would normally be edited only by a Dutch-speaking admin.

Since users will come in and add translations and vote on which translations are best, these notes and common words are really important for high quality, consistent translations… and unfortunately we can’t do this ourselves, because we don’t speak Polish :slight_smile:

So what I really need here is someone to “own” this project, and then we can add Polish and kick this off. If you’re interested, drop me a PM.

Thanks all! :poland:

(Robert) #4

Translation is all done. Some Polish forum members naszeaudio.pl will be checking the quality of it to improve it even further. So we hope for Polish speaking fellows Polish language option in Roon will arrive ASAP.

Thanks all in advance! :poland:

(Danny Dulai) #5

we will get it into the app in the next build!

this is an ongoing project as new translations will be needed with each update, but the massive effort is finished!

(Robert) #6


PS: something is wrong with translation Polish tab. I get error when hit “Help now on a translation” button.

(Danny Dulai) #7

that just means there arent any for you to do … try clicking ‘see all translations’