Pop on Sonos Connect Output When Skipping Track

I have latest version of Roon 1.3 streaming to an older Sonos ZonePlayer (now called CONNECT). SPDIF output goes to an AnthemAV receiver. If I jump to the next track by hitting the FF radio button, there’s a pop at the beginning of the next track. I have tried an A/B comparison using the latest sonos app on an iphone (EVERYTHING ELSE IS THE SAME IN THIS TEST) with the same album/tracks and there’s no pop when jumping ahead to the next track. I’ve tried multiple albums (all 16 bit/44.1Khz) with the same result. Anyone have an idea what the problem could be?

I’m wondering if the Sonos app sends a mute command first before skipping to the next track or whether Roon is truncating some bits/words, that should have been sent, when skipping.

Hi @allenvexler ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the slow response here. Can you confirm for me if you have tried using the “resync delay” feature in the application when noticing this issue? If so, was the experience the same or different?

Looking forward to your feedback!

Hey @Eric… no resync delay for Sonos devices.

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Can you try hooking the Connect up to one of the analog inputs on the Anthem (just for testing)? Would also be curious to see if you get the same behavior with the Connect hooked up to a different DAC via SPDIF.

I’ve seen similar issues in DACs that can generate DC connected to amps that are DC coupled. I realize all of this is happening inside the Anthem which is why I’d like to take that DAC/AMP combination out of the picture for a moment.

If the pop goes away then I suspect that something is getting truncated when Roon is stitching tracks together and the AMP/DAC combo in the Anthem AVR is amplifying the resulting DC output.

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