'Popular Releases' broken layout and frozen app

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Build 952, Intel NUC with Linux Mint

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Android Remote (Pixel 5), Build 952:

Album covers under ‘Popular Releases’ are just displayed lower half. Furthermore, when I scroll ‘Popular Releases’ to the very end, the app gets completely frozen and unusable. I then have to kill the app, nothing else possible.

Hey @Boris_Schaedler,

Thanks for taking the time to write in and allow us the chance to help! I’m sorry to hear you’re running into issues with your Andriod Roon Remote crashing, it can be incredibly frustrating having this happen in the middle of listening to music. Let’s dig into this a bit deeper:

  1. Does the crash stop playback, or does playback continue after crashing?
  2. Does this happen when listening to local files only? Or, does it happen when streaming from Qobuz?
  3. Does Roon only freeze when scrolling the Popular Releases? Or does it happen when scrolling other releases, albums, etc?

As a first step, please uninstall the Roon remote app, turn off your mobile device, restart the device and re-install Roon.

Let me know if your issue persists after this, I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

Good morning @benjamin ,

thanks for your reply!

It’s not really a crash, the android app is just frozen, no scrolling any more, no user input does anything, no buttons work and so on. I then have to kill and restart the android app.
Playback is not affected, core and endpoints are ok and continue playing without issues.
I only observed this when scrolling popular releases, while the app freeze does not occur for every artist, but for some. And I have to scroll to the very right/end of the popular releases list to make the app freeze.

Uninstall + Reboot + Reinstall did not help, same behavior as before…

Hey @Boris_Schaedler,

Thanks for following up and letting me know! Could you share a timestamp when you get the issue to recur?

After digging into your account further, the issue you’re experiencing is a more widespread issue that we are currently tracking and working on a fix. The good news here is that we have a solution we’re implementing soon! You can check this thread for updates.

If you’d like, we can look into making a backend settings change to your account to potentially improve behavior in the meantime. We’ve seen it help with users running into the same issue on iOS and Apple devices. Let me know if this is something you’d like us to do :+1:

Hey @benjamin ,

I just reproduced it several times at 04:20 am CEST (02:20 UTC). Thanks for looking into this. It’s not necessary to change any settings, I can easily avoid this issue (app freeze).

What is more important to me are the album covers which are displayed only the lower half (see screenshot in the first post). Is this related or a different issue?


Hey @Boris_Schaedler,

We’ve seen similar slow/laggy interface issues related to the freezing bug we’re working on, so it very much could play a part in the same issue.

Does Roon freeze shortly after you come across cut-off album artwork? Is it only specific albums, or when performing a specific function in the app?

If possible, could you record and share a video of your experience coming across the cut-off albums?

Thanks so much for your patience here!

Hi @benjamin,

I found something out: this bug seems to be related to the “display size” setting in Android:

I have it set to “small” and “text size” to “large”. This leads to cut off album covers and the app freeze. If I set “display size” to “standard” (or both settings to “standard”) album covers are displayed correctly and the app does not freeze when I scroll the “popular releases album list” to the very right end.

Hope this helps…

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Thanks for letting me know @Boris_Schaedler! I have forwarded this information to our QA team for further investigation.

I’m glad to hear you’ve found a fix for the issue, certainly let me know if you run into other questions or issues in the meantime :pray:

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