Portuguese (from Portugal) translation

I would like to ask some help from other Roon portuguese users, to translate this great software. I did some work translating loads of words and sentences, so i need some other people opinions, because iam note sure if some words shall be translated or iam not aware of how it should be translated some words or sentences more specificaly related with audio industry.

So feel free to give your feedback and/or correct some words and sentences that arent well translated.

Best Regards

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Hello Ruben!

I have difficulty with English, it would be amazing if we could get this translation to PT-BR or even from Portugal, how are the translations going? Already possible to use?


Hi @Audiophile_Kave ,

Portuguese translations are at 77% at the present time, I think this should be enough to add it as a beta to Roon, let me discuss this with the team :). As always, you are welcome to contribute as a Roon user if you’d like!

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Hello Luiz

Sorry to answer only today. In fact it was practically me who have translated the strings to portuguese from Portugal. As you can see, according to @noris, it´s like 77% ready so they will launch it on Beta soon.

After so long, finally its going to happen. Look forward to see the go live.

Kind regards


Thanks for the feedback Ruben!

I look forward to being able to use this fantastic software to its fullest in our language!!

Please, if possible, let me know as soon as the PT beta version is out.

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Hi All,

The Roon Portuguese Beta translation is now out!

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