Post disappeared

Good Morning
Yesterday 18/03/24 I posted a query about streaming from a Nucleus to a Hegel.
This morning it’s missing. How do i get it back.
Thank you

Why do you think it’s missing? Are you meaning this thread:

Hi Geoff
Yes that’s the one, I can’t see it anywhere

Well, then it seems to be visible to everyone except you. Are you not seeing it if you click on the link to the post in my previous reply to you?

You seem to have posted it in the Audio Gear Talk category of the forum. I can move it into the specific Hegel subcategory if you wish?

You can always click your avatar top right on every page and from there go to your Activity page …

… where you find all your posts:

Hi Geoff
Yes if I click your link I can see it, but if I go into Roon-Community-Audio Gear Talk it’s not there

Are you sure you’re looking in the right place?

YES found it.Thank you Geoff, I thought that posts stayed in the blue right hand column.
Only had Roon for three years-still learning, thank you so much, also the idea of moving the post to Hegel is probably the right one, do you do this or do I ?

I moved it. You may be able to move your own threads by clicking the pen :pen: icon next to the topic title, but whether you have the option depends on how often you post and how long you have been a forum member.

HI Suedkiez.
Thank you, that’s very kind.
I was just going to see how to do it when your post came in.

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