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Please help me understand. I have owned/started businesses and run businesses for others as I’m sure many of you have. What is baffling to me in this conversation is how some are presenting the ultimatum that if Roon doesn’t give them the opportunity to adjust its product to the model they prefer they will take their ball and go home. It is certainly the right of any end user to make the decision for themselves if they want to take advantage of what is arguably the best product of its kind, but the idea that anyone would think Roon Labs owes them the right to make changes to the product model as they wish, is quite frankly difficult to comprehend. A benefit of this forum is that Roon listens to its customers and tries to implement where it can. How often does any business welcome this level of contribution? My apologies for the rant. I truly hope that one day soon I’ll “get it”.


Your comment is both offensive and unnecessary and hopefully a mod will remove it.


If you are perfectly happy with Roon that’s great, and there is no need for deriding others who wish to see the product do more than it does today.

Making suggestions does not mean one is feeling “entitled”.

I explained why Roon was not for me, and i did use the product for 3 years and have good things to say about it.

There is no need for any drama.


The question @RTaylor3rd asked was where the entitled tone came from.

I provided a fact-based answer, to the best of my knowledge and abilities, and that’s it. No drama intended there.

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Nobody said Roon owes them anything. Many want to see Roon improve though and do more of what’s promised here, especially the makes connections piece:

Next time perhaps you can attempt to contribute in some more meaningful way to the discussion ?

I’m getting really tired of the increasing trend for people to go out of their way to be offended by things they don’t agree with. Taking offence at anything is a choice you make. To deny that is to deny responsibility for your own feelings.


So you take full responsibility for becoming increasingly tired then.


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It’s not making suggestions or enhancement requests that is the issue. The issue is some people coming on here saying they are going to take their ball and play somewhere else unless Roon implements X, Y, or and Z. Especially considering how messed up metadata sourcing is in the audio world and that there is no easy fix to any of it.

One could argue that you have stated your reasons for canceling Roon more than enough times and are just adding to the drama. Yet you keep banging away. Your recent posts aren’t contributing to the conversation anymore than anyone else’s posts. So don’t get all indigent when someone does not agree with what you have to say and assign to “drama”. It would seem you are saying that only people that agree with you should post.


According to the licence agreement Roon software is what it is - nothing else. I’d guess most know; but as you said yourself: the end user can decide if it’s something to pay for. And it might help to tell why sometimes it’s not - for one thing it’s (just) for one own’s good venting a bit about what seems wrong.

But announcing not to spend money (any more) on a product which doesn’t live up to one’s expectations (any longer) and explaining the reasons is worthy feedback for the maker of the product. If something should change is up to the product makers to decide. Again, I’d guess most know this, too.


Jeez. Go to bed and this whole thread goes to heck.

It MAY be true (and probably is) that the largest single block of Roon users are white males over 50. But how this translates to “entitled behavior” as a fact- based answer is beyond me. It’s just a shotgun version of an ad hominen attack. How that got 3 likes I don’t understand. If someone in that demographic said the same about any other demographic or cultural group, it would be roundly condemned.

I actually don’t want that post deleted by mods. I’d like it to be held out as a shining example of how not to relate to people and maybe about how not to stoop to the level of someone one would criticize.

Back to topic: the behavior comes from paying a premium for the most expensive audio library software on the planet. And I don’t really think most posters were acting entitled as much as contributing their opinions and frustrations about an amazing product that leaves little things undone that hinder users from doing bigger things. There is a lot of unfulfilled potential, and relative to Roon’s marketing website, promise. Doesn’t change that I use it pretty much all day every day.


Self-reported age distribution of Roon customers right here. 85% are self-reporting as being aged 50+. I’ll happily admit that assuming the clientele is majority caucasian is a bit of a jump, but it’s a widely acknowledged constant (see Darko here, for example). As for the Roon clientele being well off, I’m certain it isn’t universal, but the intersection of “computers”, “HiFi”, and “$30 for two music subscriptions” doesn’t exactly point to “archetypal minimum-wage expenditures” (though I’m certain there’s pensioners with super limited incomes, don’t get me wrong - it’s just that it’s unlikely they’re a majority)

White males and their use of power, try " White male power and privilege: The relationship between White supremacy and social class"., for example. Yes, not the same thing, yet the mechanism at play - the interaction between privilege (in this case, financial) and power (in this case, attempts to coerce a service provider into making changes) isn’t that dissimilar (and no, I’m not comparing the effect at all).


I really don’t want to derail the thread into this. Really don’t. Nor would I argue about the demographics of Roon subscribers. It’s not really relevant to why your statement shows prejudice and discrimination. Your comment was uncalled for and I’d find it objectionable whether I was a white male or a purple martian.


A hateful (and bitter?) thing to say. I am guessing that you don’t fit in any of these categories.

I think this might be an illusion based solely on the population of forum participants.

It’s my observation that the most entitled thinking people on this forum are those with a life time subscription. Many seem to think that their $500 bought them something more than the promise that there would be no more fees associated with Roon, but that it also gives them the right to determine how Roon as a company is run.

BTW - I am a lifer.

maybe we should jimh him…

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Ha, I wouldn’t do that to anyone.:neutral_face:

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I’m not much of an expert on Martians, but aren’t they green…? :joy:

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