Power Amp plug into wall or Power conditioner

Any thoughts? What Im reading tends to advise plugging power amp into the wall

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I’ve had my receiver/amp/sub plugged into a Panamax M5300-PM high current section for years. I think most power conditioners have the High Current section for amps/subs. The power conditioner is plugged into a UPS system for battery backup until the generator comes online.

Not sure what the expected gain would be to plug directly to the wall socket.

Dedicated mains from consumer unit to your system

It’s relatively cheap, but arguably the best SQ per £€$ you’ll ever spend

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Ask 50 Audiophool and you will invariably get 50 different answers :innocent:.

This is the type of question that made for legendary threads on the Audiogon forums :rofl:.

I have probably tried most combinations.

Just too many variables especially as there are power conditioners and then there are POWER conditioner’s…lol.

At present I have a dedicated 20a line ending in a Synergystic Research Blue Duplex feeding two different Shunyata Hydra conditioner’s.
One of which feeds my amp.

Is it the best?
Hard to say but I’m happy with the rig in my system but that’s about all I will say.



Thank you
Starting this thread has been useful as I never thought of having a dedicated line installed which I will do


With the caveat that everyone’s situation is different, generally, do not plug the power amp into a power conditioner. Certain inexpensive brands of power conditioners even have a socket marked as poweramp, which passes through the conditioning - it’s placed there for convenience only and to let you know that even the manufacturer advises you not to use power conditioning for the power amp. Otherwise there is a risk of weakened dynamics or bass. (DAC and preamp are usually fine.)

I plug my Denon AV receiver into the power conditioner getting a noticeable jump in SQ - but I don’t use it for power amplification for the front speakers (which is done by Lumin AMP), only for the surround satellite which does not have bass anyway.

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Thank you

Let us know how you get on :nerd_face:

I also use a PS Audio P5 and one of their Premiers - so I wasn’t expecting much of an improvement …

I was pleasantly very wrong

Next job is to take a direct feed from the meter to the (separate) consumer unit that’s feeding my network/Nucleus and the two PS - thereby bypassing anything else connected in the house

I shall
I’m still learning alot about this but it seems each component should have its own dedicated line.
Do you agree?

I think that is the idea, although I haven’t done that - I expect the law of diminishing returns will kick in

I did go for shielded cable though

It depends…

It would work only, when using balanced signal connections for all analog gear and having a proper galvanically isolated DAC input.

But if you’re using components with unbalanced connections you’re likely to have chassis ground potential differences causing unwanted current flow through your interconnects, thus deteriorating your analog signal.

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Depends where do you want to see your money located. Nothing else to be considered apart of that.

Can you be more explicit? Are you saying that the power supply does not affect any component of the audio chain, does it not affect the amplifier or do you say something else?

Said everything. Nothing too add from my side. Take it or leave it?

Wouldn’t it depend on your power amp? Some have extensive power conditioning internally, I’d imagine.

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That was eye opening information. Haven’t thought much about electrical power and its effect on my A/V equipment other than making sure it was always available.

My house is almost 60 years old as is most of the internal wiring. A backhoe snagged the underground power line from the power pole to the house during a landscaping project in 2004. New underground wiring had to be installed from the pole to the house. Then a home remodel and the addition of a media closet included a 20amp isolated source to the media closet from a separately grounded circuit box. All that was done before I retired and got re-interested in music. Then, do to concerns over the power grid and occasional prolonged outages I added a 27kw whole house automatic backup generator system with numerous UPS systems to keep the electronics powered up while the generator comes online. Bottom line there is the equipment always has power but its probably as dirty as can be.

Thinking now that I need to replace the old Panamax with the PS Audio Power Plant 12 or something along those lines.

It’s an infinite rabbit hole I agree

I developed my system over a decade living in an apartment - PS regenerators made clear sense then, and as I was in rental properties changing the mains wasn’t an option

Then I moved back to houses and after 2 decades I moved my system back Into one I own.

As I’ve written elsewhere, I assumed dedicated mains was pointless with two PS units - what would I gain?

My friend said he was going to go down the PS route - I suggested he try the mains first. With a short run of that :point_up_2: cable, a spare slot on his consumer unit and a mate electrician he was done for less than £80 (say €/$100)

He was blown away - ‘much better than a new set of speakers’
I went round and he was right - a significant step-up ‘in your face’ upgrade was clearly obvious

One of my PS went down - my system sounded flat, I didn’t use it. On its return it sounded much better (I guess SQ had been slowly fading with the unit). But my friend’s experience and what I heard got me wondering

I still didn’t think dedicated mains would really help, and I needed to gamble more money (more cable distance plus no spare consumer unit slot ie extension box - and no friendly electrician :weary:)

£350 was my bill in the end, plus a few days of cable laying and redecorating

The improvement was immediate and significant in the opening bars of the first track (the dog barking at the start of Fugitive Motel)

I was genuinely stunned and delighted and I’ve listened more in the last two weeks than I have for years

A sound/pound bargain of the highest order and I wish I’d done it years ago

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