Powerstrip - Waste money or real improvement?

Have just sold my PS Audio PerfectWave Power Plant P 5 - did not sound good in my setup. An with my Linn Selekt DSM Surround I don’t need anymore.

But would it make sense to buy a good Powerstrip (6) for my setup? There are so many different in the market. If yes - which one?

Or waste of money? With no improvement? Or small improvement? …

Thanks and have a nice WE


Do you hear any buzzing or humming (from the speakers) when you turn the volume up (nothing playing)? Or clicks and bangs when say the heating fires? European 220VAC is very clean, many of the power products (and US centric reviews) make no sense in EU.


NO - absolut silent :slight_smile:

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Despite the high-end quality and price of your system’s components, and from all your posts in the Roon fora, it seems that you’re not satisfied with the musical performance of your system - what are you missing about your experience?

The audible gains, to be achieved by the componentry you explore most vividly, seem to be more in the homeopathic domain.

You might want to look more into decor-friendly room acoustics treatment and digital room correction. I guarantee you, that such an approach will transform your imagination of what’s possible with what you have already.

The money you seem to be willing to spend could easily pay a professional service doing it for you, if that’s too technical and involved for you.

Give it a shot - you won’t be disappointed…

This is NOT the case :slight_smile: More than happy - sounds great.

But if there are small things that I can do, to make it even better, than I would give it a thought :slight_smile:
BUT - I DON’T have a need to spend money on things that don’t give a benefit.

That is why, I just asked the question I did.

PS: Thanks for tip, I am sure that would be a great solution. But how the living is designed, this is not an option.

Well, there’s still DRC, won’t interfere with the decor.
Why so hesitant and rather chase minuscule gains?

I use one of the cheaper Furmans, solely for surge protection. Furman’s, unlike many other surge protectors, are non-sacrificial.


That is always a good thing. I have it where the main power is coming into the apartment - the red ones :slight_smile:


Hmm, that won’t stop any surges from devices coming on line after a power outage, but that probably isn’t a real problem.

Sorry - but I am sure what you are thinking about. Another surge protection with the equipment?

You are protecting from surges coming over the outside power line, but surges can be generated from within when devices come on line after a power outage.

Better safe, than sorry.


It looks like he has a filter to ground on each phase. This is already above and beyond, and should also work for locally induced surges.

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This what my Linn dealer recommends and supplies with new installations. Nothing fancy, he argues that elaborate power sources are a disadvantage for Linn equipment. There should be something similar in Germany.

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@Fernando_Pereira - You are a luck guy :slight_smile: The to Linn dealers close to where I live, can best be characterized as “box movers”.

But you and your dealer have a point here :slight_smile: THX :slight_smile:


As @mikeb rightly says, those varistor-type devices sit between protective earth and each of @Torben_Rick’s three phases as well as neutral, so are not series elements and snub any surges beyond their specified voltage, no matter where they come from.

A screenshot from installation instructions speaks a thousand words…

BTW, all of this has nothing to do with a …

Correct, edited, and thanks for the clarification :+1:

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You will be told both yes AND no so I would say if you can try before you buy, do so ,then you will be able to hear for yourself if it does.

@mikeb + @Marin_Weigel - THX :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Sorry - but I am not sure what the conclusion is? A powerstrip by the equipment? Or?


You’re all set :rofl:

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I interpret their answers to mean that you are protected from both externally and internally caused surges.

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