Prefer Qobuz over Tidal (or vice-versa) as Preference


Currently when I click on a new album I haven’t yet heard, a Tidal version is the default, and all other Tidal versions must be scrolled past before arriving at the Qobuz versions.

I would like to prefer Qobuz versions over Tidal versions, with a Qobuz version as the “default,” generically and across the board, and I would like a setting/option to configure that for myself.

More specifically (“next step”, if possible) - I would like to prefer Qobuz 24-bit versions over anything else.
I’d like to prefer Qobuz 16/44.1 versions over Tidal 16/44.1 versions.
And I would only like to prefer Tidal versions over Qobuz versions if Tidal has an MQA version and Qobuz only has it at 16/44.1.


I strongly support this as a Feature Request. Thanks

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In Settings, Services, limit Tidal to CD-quality or even less (I doubt you’ll truly notice a difference worth writing home about). Qobuz will be the default winner if there is a better than CD-quality album and you’re only losing MQA in the trade.

I found this helpful for a month while I trialed Qobuz after using Tidal for 2 years. I dropped Tidal after the month Qobuz trial.

I find in general Qobuz sounds just a touch better and while there is less content there are still many millions of tracks I’ve not heard yet.


I’d love to see this as well. I can’t for the life of me figure out why roon picks Tidal sometimes and Qobuz other times, but it would be really nice to be able to set ordered service and quality preferences.

And @Larry_Post, good suggestion. That’s exactly what I’ve been considering doing.

Bumping this request. I’ve added the lesser tier of Tidal to back fill where Qobuz falls short…but wish I could always prefer Qobuz be used when there is a match.

A simple priority setting to prefer one over the other will do. Tidal seems to get way more plays than Qobuz despite both having the same track/album.

Is it ‘random’? Or is latency checked before selecting? Or a kickback from Tidal perhaps?

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That is bit cynical. More likely it would be because Tidal has been around for a long time and Qoboz is more recent, so would have been added later. I doubt there is any real difference in sound quality anyway - likely streaming services get the same material from the labels and generally when people express their “preferences” they are split both ways. So probably, it is entirely subjective - like so many things in the strange world of Audiophilia.

Nah, I’m just a bit cynical. Trying to get a response from Danny or others.

Bump for this request.

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I also have both Qobuz and Tidal and would like this feature.