Prefer Qobuz over Tidal (or vice-versa) as Preference


Currently when I click on a new album I haven’t yet heard, a Tidal version is the default, and all other Tidal versions must be scrolled past before arriving at the Qobuz versions.

I would like to prefer Qobuz versions over Tidal versions, with a Qobuz version as the “default,” generically and across the board, and I would like a setting/option to configure that for myself.

More specifically (“next step”, if possible) - I would like to prefer Qobuz 24-bit versions over anything else.
I’d like to prefer Qobuz 16/44.1 versions over Tidal 16/44.1 versions.
And I would only like to prefer Tidal versions over Qobuz versions if Tidal has an MQA version and Qobuz only has it at 16/44.1.