Print Playlist and Library (export to PDF) [export to excel]

I would really like to be able to export to PDF the playlist and the whole library.

would exporting to excel work? go from excel to printer/pdf

if so, select tracks by hitting cmd-a or control-a and then in the selection bar at the top, click 3dots -> export -> excel


That is PERFECT! Freakin’ amazing!

If you wanted to take it over the top, add “print to PDF”. :grin:

I just did an export on my Mac. Yuck.

Yuck? Did you open it in Numbers or Excel? The format we save can only be opened in excel properly

Well that’s an issue for us Mac users then. I have numbers and not MS Excel.

Print to PDF - Problem solved! :wink:

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Any fix coming for this? :smile:


I just tried this again and it doesn’t work on my MacBook with Numbers. Any idea when this will work or even better you have a Print to PDF option?

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I too would like to not to have to install yet another program. Why can’t this either work in Numbers or Print to PDF?

Hi @jtwrace – I moved a few posts over to the Support section so we can gather information and investigate these issues with our Excel export.

This feature request is still open, but I should mention that adding support for PDF export isn’t a quick addition – it would likely involve a significant amount of development work and QA testing for us, and it’s not a request we hear very often.

We’ll keep an eye on this thread, and it’s absolutely something we can look into if there’s sufficient interest.

@mike OK but I’ve been asking since February and all emails and posts here have virtually gone unanswered. While many not ask for it, I’m not able to use the feature whatsoever. At least fix it so Numbers can be used and then the Print to PDF can be put in the development queue.

Pointing out the obvious, Numbers is not Excel. It tries to be Excel, but it’s no where near the same in terms of format support and functionality, including the very relevant limitations of it not being able to support the Excel XML formats.

That’s why this is being prioriztied like a feature request. You want totally new functionality.

I had another go with this (ROON core running on an iMac) and I think the problem is that the file outputted by ROON is a .XLS file while current Excel files need to be .XLXS in order to open in Excel for Mac (or even in Numbers).

So in reality it is not new functionality which is needed but rather a proper file format.

There is another thread with this same issue so I will also post this there as well

The XML files open fine in Excel for Mac AND Excel for Windows.

They just don’t work in Excel clones that don’t implement everything Excel does.

The file Roon outputs is called XLS but it is really XML. This was the only way I could do this reliably on both platforms.

There is no speculation needed here. I’m quite aware of the many flavors of Excel out there and tested most of them. I also tested Numbers and made a concious decision to not bother supporting that program. That program can’t open so many things that Excel can.

This is very cool and exactly what I was looking for. Worked like a charm on my MacBook Pro (with Excel).

errrr… nope: you can export to “csv” and every user will be able to import it into the application of his choice :wink:

using a strictly proprietary format is not the way a truly cross-platform application should go :roll_eyes:

CSV does not support column widths.

I’m not sure what one has to do with the other. Roon is also proprietary AND cross-platform.

Additionally, the format we export is XML in a manner than Excel can read it. Rename the file with a .xml or .txt extension and take a look.

so… that’s the only reason you are using XML?
columns can easily be adjusted once imported into user’s app of choice

anyway… ok: I’ll just keep ignoring the export (to excel) “feature”