Problem with artist/album artist identification

danny, mike et al - any solution to this?

I have the same problem with Academy of St. Martin in the Fields. No way to merge 3 albums; one of them appeared under a separate file

Hey guys – can you let me know if these albums are all identified, unidentified, or if they’re a mix of unidentified and identified albums? (Unidentified albums will say Unidentified under the release date.)

Keep in mind that in 1.1, many fields can be edited and you can choose to display tags or edits in place of the metadata that Roon retrieves automatically.

That said, the rich metadata links that are unique to Roon (including album credits, composers, work information, and a few others) are not yet editable, and for many albums that will include the main performer links.

It’s easy to think of these as simple text links, but when an album is matched by Roon, a connection is made to the artist’s page that is central to the album’s identity in our database, and editing these links is beyond the scope of this first round of editing functionality.

Right now, if unidentified albums aren’t being tied back to the right artist, the best thing to do is to use the Identify feature to link them back to the correct artist in Roon’s database. For unidentified albums, you can edit tags to match each other, but keep in mind that there’s a lot of subtlety once you start mixing unidentified and identified albums.

With me they were identified, one linked to asian typing, the other to western typing.

Thanks @paaj – would you mind posting a few screenshots of the album screens?

I reverted back to how it was identified. The Wikipedia link for 竹村延和 points to both Japanese and western:

Here’s something interesting…

This is what Roon displays for an identified album…

This is what it says when I click on Identify Album…

“The” is not present when I identify the album but is visible in the main view.

Here’s what I see for the other “The Advisory Circle”…

I hope this helps.

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What seems to be the problem for me is that roon is completely ignoring the changes I make where I tell it to “prefer the file data”, but only for some artists, as all of my file level tags are correct.

Is there a way to force roon to not even bother with identifying the tracks as it still seems to break more things in my library than add useful information.

Just one example to add on to the splitting of artists (maybe related?)

I have tried editing every tag possible in roon and checking the files tags (where there is nothing even remotely linking to the artist roon identified as) but it refuses to unlink or allow me to delete this artist from my database.

Hi Mike. Sorry for the delay in answering your question. In the case of the Acad of St. Martin in the Fields the 3 albums are identified by Roon, and still there are 2 references by artist; one with a photo provided by Roon and the other naked. Regards, Ricardo

I am keen to find an answer to the “The Advisory Circle” issue mentioned by cellison above. I am having the same problem.

Mike - it happens both if the album is identified and unidentified - either way it keeps it as a separate artist. Interestingly, I went to “Advisory Circle” on Allmusic and it only listed 2 albums, not the problem album (From Out Here) - I couldn’t find that one on Allmusic, though it can be “identified” in Roon.

Really keen to sort this issue as it happens with a few different artists. If there was some ID3 tag that I had to edit outside of Roon to make all of the Advisory Circle albums appear together then I would be keen to do it!

Same here. Roon is pretty great except for a few bugs like this.

Is Roon using Allmusic to look for metadata? I stopped using that site years ago. I think discogs is far superior.

p.s. extracampine you obviously have good taste in music :slight_smile:


It appears that Roon is also scrobbling incorrect tags/artists to so I guess I’m going back to iTunes until the above issues have been sorted.

I have the same issue with several artists. It would be great if Roon could treat Artists similar to albums, where you can merge duplicates and select the main/best choice.


@danny @mike @brian

Just some happy feedback among the trouble…

The way 1.1 handles By This Artist solves some if my original problems in the original post. For albums with multiple artists, the list is the Union of all their work. This is perfect for cases with three musicians sometimes identified as a band, cases like that. Eliminates the need to clear up the metadata confusion, at least in this respect.

And as I have said many times, this list encourages serendipitous discovery, more than Search and Credits which require an action.

And it works for classical as well, although there is the question of whether the composer should be included. By This Composer would be useful, although now we get into the Works issue…

Anyway… Excellent!

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I’m having the following issue which I believe is the same or very similar to some of the other issues in this thread:

I have a single album in my database that shows up twice on the artists page. Both under the band name (e.g. Billy Vera and the Beaters) as well as under the lead’s name (Billy Vera).

All the metadata references in the files themselves as well as in Roon all list “Billy Vera and the Beaters”, in no field that I can find is “Billy Vera” listed. The tracks themselves on “Top Tracks” have a “with Billy Vera” under each track and on the album page, it lists both “Billy Vera and the Beaters” as well as “Billy Vera” below the album title and above the track listing it shows “All Tracks Performed by Billy Vera”.

Is there a way to delete or hide an artist from Roon?

This problem is still occurring for me. Any idea when this will be fixed?

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I wish I knew, I’ve stopped using Roon as it was happening with so many artists for me. (Not to mention Roon still changes any non-english characters to english…)

I stopped using Roon for this reason as well. I figured it would have been fixed by now but apparently not :frowning:

The full metadata editing functionality can’t come soon enough…

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