Problems with OnePlus as Endpoint

I have Roon Rock installed on a nuc on my wireless network. Normally I use either a Windows desktop, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 (Android), or a OnePlus 7T as remotes to control Roon streaming to a hard-wired amp & speakers as the endpoint. Everything worked fine until about 2 months ago when the OnePlus just freezes on Roon Remote. I can make an initial search and play, but then after a few minutes Roon Remote will not respond to any command - stop/search/play/pause - nothing. Closing all other apps doesn’t help. Clearing Room Remote’s cache doesn’t help. The only thing that fixes it is to reboot the phone.

Strangely, this doesn’t happen on the Samsung tablet, which is also Android. Also, the only thing that freezes is Roon Remote. All the other apps on the phone will work even though Roon is frozen.

So this bug seems to be phone-specific with Roon Remote and not a general Android problem and not a problem with Roon Remote. Anyone have any ideas on this?

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Have you excluded Roon from battery management and optimization in app settings.

I was running a OnePlus 9 Pro until late last year and always had it free to use as much RAM and battery for Roon as it needed.

I had same issue with my OnePlus and the answer has something to do with the IP address. When you log in next time and sign into server, use the IP address option to connect to server and do not click on server.

It will connect automatically after that.

I am fairly sure this will work as I had exactly the same problem and almost quit Roon because of it. Not sure why that would be the case because my server has a Static IP address.

Derrick_Robinson -

Just to clarify - Do you mean turn off WiFi->Server-> Autoconnect on the OnePlus or some setting in Roon Remote? I don’t see a setting in Roon Remote to connect by IP address (Roon-> Settings->Setup)

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Do not connect to server when prompted and search for another server.

They should allow you to input the IP Address of the Roon server

For instance, if it is called, “Bob’’s Computer” don’t choose that and act as if server not seen.

It should then give option of inputting IP address.

Put in IP address of “Bob’s computer”

You’re suffering the same issue many of us are on iOS remotes. It also affects Android but not as many cases of it. It’s happend when using my FiiO DAP and Roon Remote.

Roon are aware of the issue but no timeframe for a fix as yet :(.

Hi @robert_vanarsdall ,

Can you please let us know the exact local time + date when you are next in this situation on your OnePlus? Once we have this info, we can enable diagnostics and take a look over the logs for any specific errors you are getting.

Are these all in the same room, and connected to the router/access point in the same way? Or are they connecting to different network locations? Can you provide the model/manufacturer of all your networking gear?

Equipment is:

Arris Surfboard modem->Google Mesh Router->hardwired to i5 nuc running ROCK and housing the Roon/iTunes library in internal storage. There is only a single network in my LAN.

Windows 10 desktop is hardwired to the Google Mesh router and in the same room

Samsung Galaxy Tab s8 (Android) walks around, but the living room where the speakers are is ~20 feet from the Google Mesh hub through a basic sheetrock wall.

OnePlus 7T (Android) also walks around, but the problem first was in evidence in the living room mentioned above.

So the Samsung tablet and the OnePlus connect to the Roon Rock over the LAN. The desktop connects over ethernet cable.

Will test the OnePlus again and send logs.

Norris - OnePlus froze this morning at about 11:15AM EST. Rebooted and ok.

Before originally posting I tried solutions like closing all other apps and clearing the cache. Rebooting was the only thing that unftoze Roon Remote on this OnePlus.

I have an issue with Roon endpoint one my Brand new OnePlus 12. If I open the Roon app, I can select the core and connect to it. But after 1 or 2 seconds the app closes. Restart, new installation, booting the core. Nothing ist successfull. With my older OnePlus 8 and with a Samsung tablet everything ist okay. Any Idea?

It’s a known issue with a number of Android 14 newly released devices including the Samsung S24 series and OnePlus 12

Roon have acknowledged the issue and are working on an update to fix it

Thank you, so I will wait and be patient.

Hi @robert_vanarsdall ,

Thanks for the previous timestamp and information. It is strange, but when looking over your log, it appears that the log is empty during your timestamp, and the log starts only after you have rebooted the phone.

This makes me think that the issue could be related to OnePlus not saving the current Roon view properly. We have a bugfix in this area in our next production release, I would be curious to know if the next update helps with the issues you are describing here once it is available.

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Today, 3:27 EST frozen again. Have not rebooted to see whether anything shows differently in the log.

And now with a new OnePlus 12 between 9:20 and 9:36 EST the Room endpoint repeatedly just quits. Music continues to play, streamed to the amp/speakers, but the Room endpoint on the phone just closes down. It doesn’t freeze, as on the OnePlus 6T, the app shuts down. You can restart the app again and then select something like an artist or album and it may or may not close the second time.

New phone is running Android 14.

This morning (most recently 11:00 EST) Roon Remote on the OnePlus 12 will only open briefly and then close immediately. It isn’t stable enough to even select music. I have a screen capture video, if you’d like to see it. Roon Remote will open to the Home screen, but the “world” symbol never completes. The app quits before it stabilizes.

This is exactly what happens on my OnePlus 12 when I want to start Roon.

I want to add some details. Roon Arc is working correctly on the OnePLus 12 but there was something I want to describe.
When I received the brand new Oneplus 12 a few days ago I wanted to clone my old OnePlus 8 to the OnePlus 12. When I connected both phones using a USB-C cable a message opens at the OnePlus 8 " Roon ARC - For PINEAPPLE_MTP_SN:xxxxx9D open Roon ARC?" And there is a checkbox in this message: “Always open Roon ARC, when connecting PINEAPPLE_MTP_SN:xxxxx9D?” I have no idea, whether this has something todo with the Roon crash on the OnePlus 12 but I thought it could be a useful information.

Downloaded update Roon 2.0.29 and so far Roon Remote is working on the OnePlus 12 with Android 14.

Thanks - as usual - for great problem-solving and fixes!

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Same for me. Problem solved. Thank you!

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