iOS - glitches with ui and app stops working after inactivity (iPhone 13, iPad 12, others) [Investigating]

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This is my second ticket in response to iOS app just stopping doing anything it just seems to loose connection to any thing but appears to be still connected no error messages given. When brought from background it loses ability to control anything yet app does not disconnect form core you can navigate what’s still cached, swap zones look at music add it to play but the zones do nothing, nothing plays and after a while art work stops showing.

Additionally getting artwork doing all sorts of glitches

Video below showing it at link below

This has progressively getting worse with each update. on Latest iOS version

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Wow, I would be dissapointed by Roon! Oh wait, I already am, I have my own topic with issues with Roon Remote on iOS and iPadOS - Issues with Roon Remote 2.0.25

Are you haveing simmilar issues by any chance?

Yes been doing this since before latest version though.

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I joined Roon in April of this year. I did not have any issue (unlike many people here), even ARC worked fine. Until this update.

Exactly same issue phone only just went into screen standby lost all ability to do anything

Woke up turned on screen, Roon was last app used phone wakes to same situation.

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The problem it seems is not limited to iOS getting oddities in the Windows app as well. My own artwork doesnt have this issue.

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Looks like this also happens in Windows remote getting same glitching as my video on windows as well. Changed to use my own artwork version and its back to normal. So something wrong with Roons cloud images causing it freak out I fear.

Checking Roon logs lots of Warnings about my iphone connection and some failied tasks. I can also see as soon as the iphone screen goes off, connection to the phone is lost @support is this intentional behaviour?

11/18 17:10:02 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer localhost @] connecting (attempt 5)
11/18 17:10:02 Warn: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] failed to connect Connection refused
11/18 17:10:02 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer localhost @] client connection failed. Giving up

Every time it’s inactive for a reasonable period the app refuses to actually connect and your left purely with cached data. This is just unusable now going to uninstal the app to see if it clears up anything. Not that a user should have to do this at all.

Well that was a waste of time, back to the same no response when been idle. At the moment the remote app is useless. Nothings changed at all in my setup other than Roon. Pc app doesn’t do this nor does my Mac.

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@Simon_Arnold3 I second everything you said, exactly the same experience for me, iOS and iPadOS Roon Remote Apps are useless after the update. I have to wonder what kind of testing was done with this release.
Also, I have my own artwork for all albums and I have “prefer file” in import settings, yet same thing happens.
I also noticed that if I leave the Remote app in Album view, and switch off the iPad, then when I come back, I see that the Album page is being refreshed, like the artwork is re-loaded (going blank for a moment) and also the album review is getting reloaded… Why? Why not cahced in the iPad? It is unlikely that album image/review changed during the time my iPad was asleep.

All-in-all, Roon should be releasing an immergency fix these issues, as the app is deemed unusable.

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@Simon_Arnold3 Is your Roon Server also a Mac like me? I see above you are running Roon app on Windows, but what about the Roons Server - on what are you running it?

No I am using RoonOS (Rock)

Referring to the thread title: this problem is not just on iPhone 13

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Hi @Markus_Hubner

Just another Roon user here.

Could you elaborate further?

It might also help if you all state the version of iOS you’re on and if the Roon Remote app is EA or not.

Pattern/trend building.


I dont touch EA ever.

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Just look for threads including iOS, remote, app, not responding - you will see a few dealing with the same problem.

I hear you @Markus_Hubner

Just here to help where I can.

I too have seen the issue on iPads 5th gen Mini, iOS 17.0.3, 16.x.x etc

FWIW, got an update on my iPads to iOS 17.1.1

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Hi everyone,

We’re investigating this thread with development - at your convenience, please open Roon Remote on the affected iOS device and reproduce the issue, so that these devices have a chance to upload system diagnostic reports to our servers.