Problems with Yamaha CD-S2100 as USB-DAC

Hello Roon Team,

I just bought a Yamaha CD-S2100 CD Player combined with a really good USB-DAC and am having the the following Problems:

Player link:

  1. Using ASIO (Music Files stored on my NAS)
  • With every sample rate change Roon loses control of the device. Pressing play again plays the following tracks just fine until there is the next change in sample rate. Then again the control of the device is lost.

I made a Playlist of mixed sample rates to test and JRiver plays the files just fine using Yamaha’s ASIO driver.

Seeing the problems I thought f*** ASIO I’ll just use WASAPI

  1. Using WASAPI (Music Files stored on my NAS)
  • Every file is converted to 48Khz. See pictures …

I also have a Pioneer N-70AE (same DAC) that works just fine with Roon.

I have already tried changing the resync delay, buffer sizes and other settings …

Thanks in Advance


Hi @Michael_Kolletzki,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue. You mentioned that this only occurs when the sample rate changes, correct? If so, can you please try something here, if you open up the Roon DSP engine and set Sample Rate Conversion to Max PCM Rate like so, do you still experience the issue?

I notice you are playing some DSD content, so you can actually set it to DSD rates here as well:

Please let me know if that helps!


Hello Noris, thanks für your help.

Following your instructions (ASIO) stops Roon from losing control of the device but every file with a lower sample rate is upsampled.

I do not know if this causes a negativ impact on sound quality (No purple dot for the signal path). Is there no other way?

Thanks Mike


Hello @Michael_Kolletzki,

It appears that the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver is crashing when Roon is requesting a sample rate change. Roon works with hundreds of different DACs without issue, I’m not sure what makes the Yamaha ASIO driver different. We do not have any Yamaha USB DACs in-house as a part of our Roon Tested program, so we can’t investigate this for ourselves. We will reach out to Yamaha to see if we can get guidance on this issue, I would recommend you do the same.


Hello John,

thanks for your help. I checked the forum before making my post and it seems that there have been problems with yamaha stuff for a longer period of time. Isnt’t there a list where problematic equipment is listed?

I’ll reach out to Yamaha.

Best wishes


I have not gotten word back from Yamaha yet, but have tested Audirvana+ which just like Jriver works fine with the Yamaha Steinberg ASIO Driver …

So surely the Roon Team, If they look, can fix this I hope … other Yamaha users would probably also be happy.

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