PSAudio DirectStream Static With Qobuz

Good morning,
Biggest problem is a bit broader than one mention in Qobuz Playback Issues. I have had a few lockups that required me to go back to my PC running Core, close it, and restart. Also, get some noises as mentioned below. Sent same info to Qobuz. This problem occurred while using iPad for Roon app with Qobuz engaged. This event is sporadic and only occurred twice over the past three days since the Qobuz install.

  1. Able to play to the end of tracks but sometimes get noises like a turntable hitting the end of groove
  2. My system has locked up a few times and had to exit Roon and restart
  3. Signal path
  4. Qobuz Studio

Thanks very much,
Paul Monticciolo

yes same here with micro rendu

Hello @Paul_Monticciolo/@Dennis_Remer,

I have split your post from the thread so that we can better assist here.

  • Can you please let me know if the signal path changes at all when the issue occurs?
  • Does sample/bit rate change at all or do they remain the same?
  • Does this issue only occur with Qobuz content or both local and Qobuz (and TIDAL)?
  • Can you provide some more information regarding your setups using this thread as a guide?


Thank You very much for your attention to this
I tried a number of different setting on both Roon and the Sonore micro,
well something clicked and I am not longer experiencing the skipping
I believe it was with MQA setting that it finally fixed the issue
Again Thank You

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