Pure McCartney on TIDAL, It's there, but tracks are wrong

AND in Roon! Happy camper and subscriber to both!

Edit: Well, I spoke too soon. The album is there, but the tracks are wrong. For example track 10 is listed as “Another Day” when in fact it is “Early Days”. Sigh. Looks like Roon-Tidal integration still has a long ways to go.

Looks like there’s a mixup of the tracklists for the regular and the 4cd deluxe version. This should be an easy fix, I guess.

It’s more than that. The deluxe is 67 tracks, and this is, too. The regular version is only 39 tracks. Looks like a combination of the two.

Both versions are on Tidal. I favourited the 39 track version in Tidal and now have both in Roon.

The 39 track version has Another Day as track 10, which is correct in this version.

The 67 track version metadata is definitely wrong, but it seems right on Allmusic. So, it must be an error in Roon metadata.

Cheers, Greg

I can add a little more info to this. I bought the deluxe set off HDTracks and imported it into my music system and in Roon, there are also several tracks that are wrong; for example, Sing The Changes is actually Big Barn Bed, Jenny Wren is actually Another Day, etc. I checked the metadata and the tracks are correct. Under JRiver, the tracks import correctly, so it is a Roon problem and not a Tidal-Roon problem.

Let’s drop some flags for @mike and @eric.

This begs the question as to how Roon handles data from TIDAL. Does it ignore it and insert it’s own? I’m not talking about the metadata but the file/stream names themselves. When I choose to edit tracks, the tracks that are from TIDAL have the wrong names themselves, not just the metadata on the “Roon side.”

I see the issue with the McCartney album, and I’m checking in a fix. Should be good in in the next 2-3 days, guys – we’ve done a lot of work on the metatdata cloud services over the last month, and we’re able to deploy these quite a bit faster now.

In Roon, you’re always seeing our metadata by default, and that includes TIDAL content. This is how we can add in all the richer metadata like credits, composer info, reviews and genres, etc, as well as turning nonsense artists like Jay-Z & Beyonce into actual links to the two performers.

Unlike local files, your Core doesn’t have access to the underlying metadata from TIDAL, but we’re working on a number of ways to make this more accurate in the future, including hiring a new developer in the last 2 weeks to oversee this work (cc @VirusKiller ;)).

This was a pretty straightforward equivalence error, which is a separate problem that we understand, and which leaked into TIDAL data in this case. We are fixing these manually right now, but refining this part of our metadata service is one of the major improvements we have planned for the next few months.


Thanks, @mike. Very helpful.

Mike, how about the problem I have been having with Pure McCartney. I purchased mine from HDTracks and imported it in and it is also having problems with Roon. Is this also going to be looked at or is the same solution for the Tidal version going to work with mine?

All — This issue looks resolved, how is McCartney looking for everyone using Tidal? @John_Hill could you please provide some more detail concerning the issue you are encountering, thanks!

I just added this album to my library, and I still see the errors (Another Day is actually Early Days etc).
So not resolved for me…

Oh and Sing the Changes is not “also performed by Wings”. It came out under the pseudonym The Fireman.

I would love to! It is still not working. The Pure McCartney files I have are all from HDTracks, NOT, repeat, NOT, from Tidal. They are on the same hard drive array as all of my other 125, 000 tracks and several songs are not what Roon says they are. Jenny Wren, Another Day, Sing the Changes…etc. The files are all in flac and I made sure the tags are correct. The title and file name are both correct, but not in Roon. I looked at each file and there is no difference in tagging between the ones that Roon correctly identifies and the ones that it does not.

Not solved here either.

@John_Hill , since you own the files, can’t you edit the tracks in Roon and tell it to use the file info and not the Roon info?

Well, I tried to do that, but kind of got scared away by Roon’s warnings…not to be a jerk, but why should I? Roon should identify these tracks correctly, automatically, or am I being too hardcore? Roon is not cheap; why shouldn’t it identify the tracks of a legendary artist correctly? It’s not like I am putting something unknown in Roon. JRiver adds the collection correctly :slight_smile:

@John_Hill I don’t experience warnings when I do this. I select the track I want to edit )or the whole album) and choose the edit pencil in the album window or by control clicking on the individual track. I then choose metadata preference and choose “prefer file”. No warnings, I 'm not changing anything except where Roon gets the data it displays. Very easy when you own the files. The problem here with TIDAL is that there is no file data to override the Roon data. Apparently TIDAL provides no metadata to Roon, which btw, @mike, I find hard to understand.

Just to be clear, this is a metadata issue, probably due to the number of different releases for this album. I wouldn’t start editing the tracks until Roon sorts out the data. It shouldn’t be too difficult, they just used the tracks from the wrong release.

I believe they used the data from this release (which is wrong):

Anyway, there are 2 releases on Tidal. If you select the default version through Roon, you get the 67 track version. **You can favourite the 39 track version in Tidal and it will show up eventually in your Roon library.

As far as I can see, the 39 track album has the correct track listing. However, the 67 track release has errors and the data used is from the wrong release linked above.

They following tracks are incorrect:

'10. Another Day s/b Early Days
11. Sing the Changes s/b Big Barn Bed
12. Jenny Wren s/b Another Day
13. Save Us s/b Flaming Pie
14. Mrs. Vanderbilt s/b Jenny Wren
15. Mull of Kintyre s/b Too Many People
16. Let 'em In s/b Let Me Roll It
17. Let Me Roll It s/b New

Anyway, let’s flag @eric and @mike. I’m sure they can get it sorted.

Cheers, Greg

@Greg It’s not that they chose the data for the 39 track album, because they have data for all 67 tracks. Something is odd. And it still doesn’t address the odd issue of Roon not receiving metadata from TIDAL. If they don’t receive metadata from TIDAL, what do they receive to know what the album is and to know how to match it?