QNAP NAS as Roon Core

Hi there,

I am new user of ROON but I encountered an issue in building a ROON server on my Qnap TS253a NAS (which have a minimum system requirement).

The ROON server was running properly as displayed.

But I cannot find my ROON core (Qnap NAS) from PC/Ipad side. They are connecting the same router already. Just curious what happened with my ROON server.

Thank you!

Are the Core and the other devices on the same subnet?

Maybee this can help:

Roon Server on your QNAP is not Roon OS Core. Roon OS is either Roon Nucleus or ROCK (Roon Optimized Core Kit), a specialised Llinux based appliance. The screen shot you show is only for Roon OS devices (quite misleading if you ask me…)
You should look for “Select a core” or similar when you start Roon remote on your PC or iPad