QNAP Package Update available! (Version 1.0.2)

Version 1.0.2 is available and will be needed if you update to QTS 4.3.

The download link on my website has been updated.

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Thank you Christopher runs like a charm! I did update of your package before loading QTS 4.3 beta

Chris I installed 1.0.2 last evening. I now have lost access to my account information and when you lose access to your account information in Roon you also lose the ability to log into Tidal. Any ideas for how to get my account info back? I am not running QTS 4.3 but rather the previous version.

Recover your account via Roon website if you’ve lost your details. But then, how are you able to log into the forums?

Not sure what one has to do with the other.

When I go into the Roon client on my Mac and go into settings I see a message that says Error retrieving account information.

Try this:

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The start and stop twice in succession did the trick. THANKS!!

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Glad it worked!

I’ve deleted posts in this thread.

Everyone is here to try and help. Please refrain from attacks on other forum members.

Cheers, Greg

How to upgrade to 1.0.2 is a little fuzzy to me. I have RoonServer on a SSD tied to my TS-251. Do I stop Roon and go through all the steps again shown on the link given above? And what about this statement there?:
“Roon Server will update itself. There is no need to install a new package. It will behave exactly as if you ran Roon Server on a Linux PC.”

On NAS devices there are scripts involved that enable RoonServer to run in their environment. These scripts also enable RoonServer to auto-update like on other computers. When something in the system of the NAS (or in Roon) changes, like in the QTS beta, there may be the need to adjust these scripts. In this case the updated qpkg needs to be downloaded again and installed/updated with the QNAP App-Center. By doing this, all the scripts, that make RoonServer run on the qnap will be updated.
This does not happen very often. It happened now with the QTS 4.3 update and for the next major Roon update 1.3 there needs to be some adjustments later on, that are already in the work.
All previous Roon and minor QTS updates did not require an update of the qpkg.

I’m about to install roon on a NAS (QNAP TVS 471, SSD & 3 HDs), but I have just two little questions before starting…how do I instruct Roon to install on the SSD? And is there a guide to the process of setting; the SSD up for Roon, 2 of the HD for RAID mirroring, and the final one for backup?

If I have missed something obvious…could someone point me to the appropriate page.

Create the RoonServer share on the SSD volume and you’re good to go:

I really don’t recommend RAID 1 + disk in the enclosure for ‘backup’.

  1. It isn’t good practice and is not safe as a backup target. If something happens to the disk controller or physical enclosure, it’s bye-bye data. You should backup externally, preferably to multiple locations.
  2. It’s inefficient use of space. Use your three HDDs in RAID 5 confiuration and backup to external USB disks (and perhaps cloud storage).

I assume you can just stop the NAS and swap out the back up drive for a spare on a rotation basis so a current back up is always off the unit.

Not really, no. That would be bad. Powering down a NAS regularly to swap disks is not normal behaviour. It would be slow, clunky and the software isn’t designed to support it. Having backup disks in the same enclosure as your data isn’t much better than having no backup at all.

There’s a reason NASs are stuffed full of external ports and have protocols like RTRR and Rsync for remote backup.

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