QNAP - Ready, connection lost! & initializing loop

Since a couple of days I can’t use Roon anymore on my QNAP 251+. When I can connect to the server, I can log for like 30sec then I get a connection lost and it re-initializes. If I don’t connect and just open the app on the mac os or ipad and I go on the Choose your Roon Core page. I can see my server doing the same thing: Ready, Connection Failed, Initializing - It’s doing this about every 3 to 5 minutes.

I have rebooted the NAS and Re-installed the server. I just can’t load an old backup because I can’t stay connected long enough in the app…

Anybody can help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

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Update #1

I restarted fresh. I completely deleted the QNAP app and it’s folders then I re-installed and restored a backup.

It’s still happening… Lost Connection! Trying to reconnect…

Did something change since the last software upgrade, did the port forwarding changed or something?

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Are your music files located on a different location than the NAS where you are running the server from?

I had, I think, the same months ago on a Mac Pro core.


I couldn’t use the backup either.

I needed to restart from scratch (new db) to solve the issue.