Qobuz 192/24 problems

Playing 192/24 files from the Qobuz app is flawless, but when accessing the same stream through Roon, I get a ‘Qobuz media loading slowly’ error, and the sound cuts out. Eventually, it advances to the next track, only to do the same thing. I know it’s not my internet connection, so I’m wondering where to look next. Thanks.

Hmm… Restarting my NAS seems to have solved this problem for now.
Before I restarted, I checked to see if the CPU was being taxed, and it didn’t seem to be (generally running under 30%).

Anyone ever encounter this before?

@CJ_Eichinger, I am experiencing the same issue. See the following link:

I’m still having the problem. If I pause the track for a few seconds and start it up again, it seems to play OK.

The strange thing is, I have no problems at all playing local 192/24 or DSD128 files through the same setup. It’s just from Qobuz.

When I look at activity on the Synology, the file is downloading at about 9 MB/s, and the stream out to the Teac is just 1.4 MB/s. Clearly, the download of the Qobuz stream is happening fast enough.

I’m having this problem too. It seems to be especially bad when I play a Qobuz playlist that has formats changing.
CAPSV3 Zuma running Roonserver with Windows 10 Pro. USB out to MSB DAC.
I am running Tidal and Qobuz as services (see below)
At first I thought this was my DAC, or something like that. But putting in long latency, large caches, etc. didn’t seem to help.
I’m not totally sure about this, but it seems this problem stops if I log out of Tidal and just play Qobuz as the only service.

I’ve been having issues when selecting Qobuz 24/192 versions. It plays w/ no errors reported in Roon, but the stream sounds like it is ‘skipping’.

I haven’t had time to dig into this issue, but all Tidal versions play fine as well as my local FLAC files (hi-res or otherwise). I may have some time today to try different albums and see if it occurs w/ Qobuz 24/96 and 16/44.1 versions of the same albums before my Qobuz sub expires.

Weird as I have had a 192/24 issue within Roon as well but just on local files.

So my issues w/ 24/192 streams from Qobuz were due to overloading the CPU on my Mac Mini (Late 2012 2.3 GHz i7)… running Roon Server + HQ Player and up-converting to DSD256. Stepping down to the 24/96 version works fine, but does push the cores hard.

I am having the same problem also after the update to 1.8.

Directly via the qobuz app in the same LAN - no problem, roon downconversion to 24/96 no problem, roon direct 192/24 - “qobuz media is loading slowly” and then skipping to the next track, repeat, next track, repeat next track… Obviously this is not true as the 192/24 downconverted stream to 96/24 within roon works without problems. Really annoying!

I haven’t experienced this issue in a long time, probably shortly after I reported it. I just wanted to add that, at least for me, it has not returned since moving to 1.8 (which was an amazingly smooth and satisfying experience).