Qobuz 192khz files - Issues [Resolved - Removing dsp Audeze preset cleared issue]

Sometimes, I have got issues with Qobuz 192khz files. The file suddenly stops on Roon. How could I solve? Thanks

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I’ve moved your post across to the Support category of the forum, where it will be seen, and responded to, by a member of the Support team. To help them diagnose your issue further, please give full details of your Roon and network setup as described in this post:

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  1. Roon Core is on a win10 PC, ssd hd, connected to the router via ethernet, last Roon build;
  2. The remote control is a Huawei P30 android 10 smartphone, last Roon build;
  3. I have a RPi 4 b used as a Roon endpoint with either VitOS or Ropieee connected via ethernet to a 1750 Fritz extender used as a mesh point in my lan;
  4. Audio devices are Kef ls50w II Roon Ready, and a Denafrips Ares II connected via usb to the RPi 4 b;
  5. My music is stored in “Music” folder on Roon Core ssd hd.
    The issue is, sometimes, only with Qobuz 192khz files directly streamed

This could be the cause of the issue. I think that because you have used the ethernet port on the 1750 Fritz Extender to connect your Endpoint, you will be using Wi-Fi to connect to the rest of the Mesh.

Unlike wired ethernet, which is full-duplex, a Wi-Fi connection is half-duplex, and because 192 kHz RAAT traffic is very demanding of a network’s performance, you are hitting a throughput barrier with this configuration.

I don’t know whether it would be possible to alter the configuration in your case, but what I would do would be to put the 1750 into LAN Bridge mode, with a wired ethernet connection back to your (Fritz?) router, and introduce a simple switch alongside the 1750 to be able to connect both the 1750 and the RPi endpoint via ethernet. That way you will improve both the Wi-Fi performance of the 1750 (because it is in LAN Bridge mode), and the endpoint (because it is now wired).


So, the only thing I have to do is buy an ethernet switch and connect via ethernet the RPi 4 and the 1750 Fritz Extender to the switch?

Well, that, and to make sure that the 1750 is put into LAN Bridge mode… You should end up with something like this…

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Hello @Gianluca_Schiavone,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re occasionally experiencing stoppages when listening to HiRes tracks in Qobuz. He definitely want to get that cleared up for you!

I see that @Geoff_Coupe has been providing you with some help, I think that he’s an the right track here with his diagnosis. One thing you can do to test this is attempt to play Qobuz 24/192 content to an endpoint that doesn’t go through the switch - such as the system output of your Core or via RAAT connection directly to your KEF LS50W II speakers.

If playback of Qobuz 24/192 files is problem free on those endpoints that will provide us with more insight on the cause.


Ok thanks a lot, I’ll try

Ok RPi 4 to the switch and switch to extender but I can’t connect the switch directly via ethernet to the main router because it’s in another room. Is it the same?

Well, that’s why I asked you if it was possible to change the configuration to have a wired connection between the switch and the router - that is necessary to be able to put the Extender into LAN Bridge mode.

Without that wired connection, you’re still relying on a WiFi connection with your Core, and that’s almost certainly why you can’t play HiRes Qobuz files…

Have you tried what @jamie asked? That is to try playing back HiRes Qobuz files to the System Output of your Windows 10 PC (which is directly connected by wired ethernet to your router).

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Yes, the same! Certain times I can’t reproduce the album I stored into the Roon Core too

The same! Certain times, often in the afternoon, I can’t reproduce the album stored in Roon Core too. The problems sometimes is with all files

You need to get a wired network to listen to 24/192 files. Period.

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Sure, but also if I play on Roon Core, directly connected to the router via ethernet, sometimes, it’s the same

What do you have connected to the core? And how?

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Roon Core is on a desktop win10 PC connected via ethernet to the router

Absolutely not true Martin. I can stream 384l24 wireless without a single issue to any WiFi endpoint that supports it even a raspberry pi in my bedroom.

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True. Apologies to sound so categorical.

But it does take a stable, fast network for this to be reliable.

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Stable yes, but not necessarily fast. All of which is very easy to obtain with a bit of planning.

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