Qobuz Album Purchases: Not all are listed

Hello @dylan. Some good improvements with the new release. Thanks! But…

Now that Qobuz purchases are - for the time being - not presented in Roon any longer, does this issue remain under investigation? Or does this require a new support thread, referring to Qobuz favorites in stead of purchases?

As suggested in the release notes, I have favourited my purchases in Qobuz to be able to see them in Roon, as a makeshift solution. The same issue identified in this thread remains, but obviously it now applies to ‘Qobuz Favorite Albums’ rather than purchases: the exact same albums/releases do still not show in Roon although they are fully streamable from the Qobuz app.

I also created a Qobuz pllaylist from one of the releases that don’t sync with Roon. The playlist title becomes visible in Roon, but shows as empty. If I add Qobuz tracks or albums (that are syncing correctly) to this playlist, those will show. Oddly, the playtime indicated in Roon will be the total including the missing tracks / releases.

Hi @ToneDeaf,

Are these specific tracks able to be streamed in Qobuz without purchasing them (i.e. available to play with a Qobuz streaming subscription) or are they only available as 30s demos before purchasing?

Can you share a link to one of these tracks?

Hi. It is exactly as before. They are (for me) streamable in their entirety. But it is somehow related, I think, to having purchased these at some point, as it may be impossible to access these exact releases otherwise, which may explain why earlier in this thread you believed that only 30s were accessible, based on the sharing links from Qobuz. Both my and @streamy68 examples and comments above confirm this - and it is still the case, I checked.

An example:

Listen to Images of Sigrid (Deluxe Edition) by Poni Hoax with Qobuz in high-fidelity.
And on the web on open.qobuz.com/album/3700426908092

I can stream this in full.

I don’t know if the above gives a definitive answer, or if I can at all. The sharing links earlier in this thread seem to hint that since I purchased, other releases have ‘superseded’ the ones I purchased. I am fairly confident that I would have listened to at least some of the 5 albums, before purchasing. Also the behaviour of sharing links among the 5 I identified is not consistent, as noted in earlier entries in this thread. The album Iink I just gave above is noteworthy also because when I first contributed to this thread, it was still syncing with Roon. So something changed well after purchase and initial sync with Roon. Hope that makes sense!

Hi @ToneDeaf,

Only content available through a Qobuz subscription can be played in Roon. For now, content that is only streamable when purchased will not sync with Roon and is not available for playback.

I’m quite sure that most, if not all of my Qobuz purchases were entirely streamable when I bought them. It looks like some albums became unstreamable by now therefore do not show up in Roon, but show up in the Qobuz app or in the Devialet Spark app. These apps seem to handle purchases correctly. Specifically, that it works in the Devialet app indicates to me that it is possible to handle the user rights correctly with the Qobuz API or in agreement between Qobuz and a 3rd party company. I can recall that on Spark in the beginning only the 50 latest purchases could be streamed, but later they fixed this. So my hope is that Roon can also inplement purchases in a correct manner in the future. For now I do not favorite them in the Qobuz app but add all my purchases after download in my local folder and access them like this in Roon.

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Hello @dylan.I am under the same impression as @streamy68 - the albums where originally streamable. The way I buy albums on Qobuz is by listening to them first through streaming. Something appears to have changed it seems AFTER I purchased the albums, although it is of course hard to retrospectively say this with 100% certainty. I mentioned some of my thoughts in previous posts.
Regardless, I know for certain that the Images of Sigrid (Deluxe Edition) release was initially not only fully accessible through Qobuz’ app, but did also properly synchronise with Roon when Qobuz support was first implemented. At some point in February this changed, and I reported this. I hope Roon manages to accurately and fully ascertain my streaming ‘rights’ in a next release. Thanks!

Something to add to this discussion. The issue goes a little beyond just albums withdrawn from streaming after purchase. I have a Qobuz CD Quality streaming subscription and also buy albums I would like to hear in HiRes formats. Qobuz of course lets me stream these in the resolution I have purchased not just that coming with my streaming subscription.

As far as I could see, after initially hooking up Qobuz and Roon, I was able to see two versions of the albums I had purchased, for those I still can. “Upgrade Purchases” made after Roon initial setup require adding as Qobuz favourites in the Qobuz iOS app to make Roon see them and when that happens the original 16 bit CD quality versions disappear in Roon.

Hope this helps whoever is investigating/debugging this. Ultimately I download all my purchases and add them to my local storage so I can work around these issues but as previous notes indicate, Qobuz (& Tidal) arrangements with distributors/labels change frequently and ultimately we end up with more and more “Purchases” streamable from the Tidal and Qobuz apps but not from Roon.

Today I purchased an album in 24 bit and to my surprise, on searching versions in Roon there was no 24 bit version visible. After reading this thread, I realised there is no Qobuz purchases section (or Tidal Purchases for that matter) in Roon. I favourited the Qobuz HiRes album I had purchased and it showed up in Roon in my Qobuz favourites. Incidentally the 16 Bit version of that album is no longer visible in Roon even with show hidden albums switched on.