Qobuz and volume leveling

I have been noticing a lot of volume swings recently and after I did some digging I found some Qobuz titles that are playing at the default setting (no loudness info present)

The same titles on tidal play at the proper level according to the data.

I can see that the data is not there (or not being read) by changing the fallback level and the track will play back at that auto leveling number (i.e. changing auto leveling fallback from -2db to -3db will change the Qobuz version to -3db but will have no effect on the tidal version which is “correctly” playing at -4db)

Not sure if it is only on Qobus titles, but those are the ones I found.

Rock>allo usbridge>Khadis Tone Board (all wired)



Interestingly, I have 2 Belly albums that Roon reads the leveling info from.

So far those are the only two qobuz albums I have found that “work”

Hello @Derek_Wyman,

Thanks for the report. I’m filling a ticket with the QA team for further investigation. We will reach back out to you with the results of our testing.


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Roon Radio w/volume leveling: All Qobuz tracks play at -5dB.
Qobuz tracks don’t contain volume info. Tidal track vary by track they are supposed to…

Well that’s a bummer. I guess it’s back to tidal for now.

Did some more searching on the forums. Appears Qobuz did not include volume info on their tracks. Roon asked that they add such info- work in progress they say.

New Weezer album seems to have info

Thanks for the topic. I just signed on with Qobuz but kept Tidal so I could compare sound quality including MQA and Hi Res. I kept noticing Qobuz was always louder and also noticed it always uses the fallback setting. Any updates if they are going to go back and correct this or maybe just on new releases going forward? This could sway my decision on whether to go with Tidal or Qobuz.

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I noticed this immediately too. I don’t think I’ll continue after the trial without volume leveling support, Qobuz that is, I’m sticking with Roon and Tidal.

Amazing this is still an issue! It has been a problem for months. @support what is the status of volume leveling with Qobuz?

I agree, way too long and is a deal breaker. I will stay with Tidal if Qobuz cannot fix this. I have too many old CDs that were recorded at low volumes, need the volume leveling!https://community.roonlabs.com/groups/support is there a status?

Come on…

Thanks for the update, I can see the changed taking place already! Many of my tracks are now getting volume leveling applied, thanks!

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