Qobuz disconnected from ROCK

Is there any reason why this happens on a weekly/monthly basis? I’m new here, and I’ve already had to sign in to both services at least 3 times after rebooting my ROCK.

None that I know of at the moment but…
This only seems to have developed over the last week or so with quite a few reports of this occurrence.
But also it is not affecting everyone so…
The present actions are certainly not the norm, hopefully it will get back to an even keel soon.

Hi @Formula,

I’ve moved your reply over to a new thread to make sure you’re getting visibility.

In looking at your logging we’re seeing some DNS errors. One of the things you can try is setting the DNS to Google’s.

Configure your network settings to use the IP addresses and as your DNS servers.

The process is obviously different between RoonOS, Mac, and Windows so if you need any help in making this change please let me know!


Thanks Wez. I’ll give this a go.

Well. My issue was simple after hours of messing around. Rebooted Roon. At the box. Powered down. Unplugged. Powered back up. Logged into Qobuz without issue. That said, this happens frequently. Is there a fix or safeguard?

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