Qobuz Free Trial is not operational

Just got an email about Roon 1.6 with Sign-up for Qobuz in it. Clicked it, got to the registration page, chose 1 Free Month, but unable to register. The Captcha keeps popping up. I select the pics, click, register, Captcha is up again. And on and on. Any ideas?

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If you are in the US Qobuz is not yet available to us. Qobuz is in a beta trial in the US and you need to be one of the beta testers for it to work here.


Maybe Qobuz becomes live later on today given the signup link in the email.fingers crossed.

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This correct. It would have been nice if Qobuz opened up the sign ups for Roon users to correspond with this release though.


Well, that would be ideal. I think we deserve an ETA of when it will be available to us “ordinary” Roon subs. I am somewhat surprised that Roon notified us (me) of Qobuz integration when it is currently not possible, only a promise.

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Roon notified all it’s user that Roon 1.6 had be released… there are a lot of new features Qobuz is just one of them.

Roon’s is not blocking anyone from using Qobuz, if you’re not in a Qobuz supported location you might be interested in this topic (Qobuz in non-supported countries - #18).

Hey Carl -

I am not complaining. I was just surprised to find Roon was offering a real benefit from a third party vendor that has no current availability for me and many of those who visit here. It is a huge upgrade, just not now, and maybe not for some time. Believe me, I will wait.

It’s Qobuz’ call when it ceases beta status; I signed up for the beta, but was not initially selected. I was passed over on the first cut, and a week later received an email to join the beta, which I had done. Roon has a worldwide audience, and certain nations will still not have access to Qobuz. With Roon’s v1.6 release, it should go public soon, since that’s lots of money to be had for Qobuz.

Everyone that is complaining the Qobuz is not available is thinking parochially. It’s available to Roon subscribers in Europe. You can’t ding Roon for it not being available in the US. That’s not a Roon thing.

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Don’t know for sure, but I would bet that the US is Roon’s largest customer base with the same potential for Qobuz.

Maybe Qobuz need to add some big time server capacity before they release it into the wilds of North America.

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I think it will go publc shortly. If you request participation in the beta, you’ll probably get an invite in short order. There are no requirements for the beta with respect to reporting. I’m at a week in on my free month. Using Qobuz with Roon is way easier than using it with the Qobuz desktop app or my Anthem MRX AVR Play-Fi app.

There’s a big big world outside the US…

My point exactly.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I’ve signed up for the beta earlier today. That is to say, got on the waiting list. Let’s see where that goes.

It doesn’t seem like Qobuz is allowing any more beta testers at this point. I could be wrong. but I have not read about anyone getting access at this late stage in the testing. This could be good; though, as it might mean that the official US release is expected very soon.

You can’t spell US without us. :smile:

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I think this could have been handled better by Roon by just disclosing in their announcement “Available now in the EU - Coming soon to North America” or something along those lines. It’s very unclear from the 1.6 Roon email with a huge “[SIGN UP FOR QOBUZ]” that we aren’t allowed to signup.

Clicking the link from the Roon email takes you to QOBUZ which also doesn’t say anything about not working in the USA. The actual message is “We are in a closed beta, only the users invited can signin/signup”.

So it’s logical to think that the email from ROON was in fact the Beta invitation and that there is a bug that is preventing the singup. Again nothing in the ROON email says its not available for USA users nor does the QOBUZ landing page linked to from the ROON email mention it. I only learned of that by visiting the forum to see what I was doing wrong as there was no indication on the signup form that the US was the issue.

Finally, on the QOBUZ sigup page it specifically asks for your ZIP CODE. ZIP Code is actually trademarked by the USPS, and is limited to the United States and United States territories, so Roon is directing us to a page obviously setup for US users… but we aren’t making it past the beta invitation block.

Maybe @support will chime in.

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I was declined inclusion in Qobuz beta on the first request based on survey responses, and received an invitation a week later. Hopefully yours comes as soon (or sooner).

I don’t think anyone is dinging Roon for the availability situation in the US. I think they are getting dinged for not disclosing this in the communications and release notes. Clear communication would help a bunch.


Responded to in a different thread by Brian roon CTO.

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