Qobuz integration in Roon?

(Andrew Stein) #310

I don’t think the code would work for U.S. customers. They don’t seem to let us sign up. Seems we will have to wait for the official opening.

(Dick Vliek) #311

Yeah, but they ditched the one I have: sublime (without the plus) € 219/year. Cd quality streaming but with discount on hi-res buys.


Which was the subscription I was planning to get once Roon integration is done… :thinking::roll_eyes:

(iamoneagain) #313

That code worked for me. I had to log in on a pc and then go to Profil and enter it. After that I was able to fully use the iPhone app. I’ve been using for last 3-4 weeks.

(danny2) #314

Supposedly they are unifying prices acc’d to amount. Same number amount whether it is dollar, euro, or pound.


Qobuz is about to launch the streaming service anytime soon in US. I believe it will have the same pricing strategy as the UK, only different is the currency exchange.

It will probably be $9.99, $19.99 and $24.99 in USD for different streaming quality.

Based on the CEDIA 2018, Roon is also working on integrating Qobuz this fall, so I’m looking forward to it.

(Paul Whittaker) #316

I’m gutted about this tier going. I always buy high res downloads so the ability to stream and decided what would be worth my money for high res would of been great.

I always buy my music so I can’t justify the higher cost just for discovery.

(Andrew Stein) #317

Thank you. I also was able to enter the code, register, and use the iPhone app, except that, when I tried to download an album to my phone, it gave the message, “The rights-holders have not made the steaming of this track possible,” for each track. It did, however, seem to let me download a different album. Is this error common?

Also, an attempt to buy a Motown album led to a message (in French) that the album is not available to purchase in my country (the United States). I wonder whether eventually that will change. The U.S. Web site of 7Digitial sells the same album today.

(iamoneagain) #318

I haven’t tried to buy anything but got that message trying to stream a few albums. Since not official rollout, I’m holding off my judgement until launch.

Since haven’t heard anything new, believe target is still end of Oct. but wouldn’t be surprised if pushed back.


FINALLY! A good outcome of Brexit! £299 will probably be worth about $1.50.

(danny2) #320

Maybe, but right now Brits are screwed on this one: 299 pounds is a lot more than 299 US.

(James) #321

Another benefit of a Meridian DSP system :sunglasses:

I run a high end system using Roon into my Meridian 818v3. Very easily bests my Oppo BDP-105 into the same. I see no quality issue with Roon whatsoever, as long as the DAC/Streamer is up to the job.

(David Toole) #322

Streaming services tend to have different prices in different markets. As a resident of Brazil I pay about one-third of what Americans pay for Tidal and Spotify (in $US). Deezer is also cheaper. Canadians, too, pay less than Americans in $US. Of course, lower average incomes in Brazil mean nobody would pay US prices, but music services are happy to offer lower rates to try to attract customers in the world’s fifth-largest country.

(danny2) #323

This is over at CA. I can’t seem to get the link to work.

“Roon integration for Qobuz is in progress.”

David Craff, Qobuz Product Manager for Desktop, Web Player and Search Engine.

(Andrew P) #324

Unless Qobuz secretly acquired Roon or someone from Roon has stated, “Qobuz is coming…” then this is just a rumor. There may be talks and there may be some development work going on, but until either is confirmed by Roon it’s best not to count on it.

The problem with these off-hand statements / confirmations is that they get taken out of context of the original conversation and then morph over time.

“Roon integration for Qobuz is in progress”


“Roon is adding Qobuz support”


“Roon will be releasing Qobuz support soon”


“Roon will be releasing Qobuz support on or before <some_date>”

(I’ve seen variations of all of these on various sites)

Roon may indeed be working on a Qobuz integration, but that doesn’t mean that it’s being worked on right now or that it will ever be finished (or released).

Roon has a policy of not confirming features until they are certain that the feature will be released. If they are confident of a timeline (and that means really confident) then they might add that information as well. This avoids the inevitable frustration that comes from a feature that never materializes or is delayed for some reason.

Same thing happened with MQA… MQA, Ltd made an announcement in January of 2017 that support was coming “soon” and that put the Roon guys into a position of having to constantly respond to questions as to why it wasn’t done yet. The feature was eventually released, but it took 18 months to get everything done right.

Qobuz support may come in the future and Roon has stated that they are always open to discussions with more streaming services. Until such a time that Roon says it’s coming there is no value in continuing to spread rumors.

Enjoy Roon for what it is now.

NOTE: I do enjoy a “special” relationship with Roon, but my comments above are not based on any knowledge I have specific to the topic. I just see an increased fervor materializing around Qobuz + Roon and I want to be sure that expectations are kept in check. Getting beaten up for a delay on a feature that you promised is bad enough… getting beaten up for a delay on one you didn’t promise really sucks!


Qobuz put it on a paper…


I’m very grateful for your knowledgable input (DCS and in general) but isn’t managing expectations a job for Roon themselves?


Remembering the seemingly never ending imminent release of ROCK and the kerfuffle that accompanied it, let’s let ROON speak for ROON.

(Scott Winders) #328

Qobuz would not say “Roon - coming this fall” without talking with Roon about it. So it is safe to say Qobuz integration with Roon is coming soon.


Your assumption seems quite reasonable to me, but ROON is clearly not interested in feeding this fire. As such Qobuz forums might be a more fruitful place to fish for information!