Qobuz integration in Roon?

(simon arnold) #411

Lucky you but as I said the stuff I generally want is not discounted even though I currently have the sublime + trial so and I can find it cheaper often on hdtracks, 7 digital or others I just Google to find it. Sometimes Qobuz is still cheaper but often not. So for me sublime + really is not worth it.

(Steve) #412

Not sure iif this has been mentioned, but assuming the amazing happens and Qobuz comes to Roon, I do hope they’re thinking about clever ways to swap from one service to another - ie matching tracks/albums/Roon favourites and play counts so the library doesn’t fall apart.

I use most played and favourites a lot, and starting over would be painful, as would finding albums one by one.

(Fredrik) #413

This is exactly what I was thinking about. I dont mind switching to Qobuz but starting all over again with all albums I have in Tidal…no thanks.


Just use soundiiz. It will do most of the work

(Steve) #415

I did think that - it will certainly help find things. But playcounts and favourites and date added will all be lost. So sorting by date added for example would be really messed up - some might not use this but it’s one of my main sort types.


I would think that once you flip the switch these will be treated as new albums in the Library so you’d loose them as favorites and playcount will again be 0. Or perhaps roon could somehow keep previous edits and keep track of all plays (streamed or local)

(Ged) #417

I’ve often wondered what do people use playcounts information for?

(Jeff) #418

When I add a different master locally right now, norhing is migrated, it’s treated as a new album.

You can expect the same with albums from a different steamimg service.

(Jimmytwotimes) #419

So any word on Qobuz in the U.S ?


Qobuz isn’t available in your country.



I did read somewhere a few weeks back that it was by the end of the year (this year I hope!).
From memory I followed a link from an Auralic tweet to an article somewhere.

Edit: Link here Towards the end of the article.

(Jimmytwotimes) #422

Well I was going to give my son in law a Qobuz Sublime subscription but its not here in the States so Ill have to give him something else.


I wonder what takes Qobuz so long to get it goong in the States. The started with it in June, I think. I have Sublime + and I like it so much more than Tidal. I keep my fingers crossed that it‘ll be soon available on the other side of the big pond!


Most likely all the legal agreements are not in place.

(Jimmytwotimes) #425

I believe you are right.


If it’s anything like unravelling Brexit… :rofl:

(Rudy Taylor) #427

I couldn’t agree more. being an old guy, I don’t understand why we are complaining so much about music that is essentially free. $20 a month. When I was a kid I gave my local record store more than that and I was poor. If these services aren’t providing music to your liking buy a NAS and download almost anything from HDtracks.com in USA or highresaudio.com in EU. Then you can play whatever resolution you want on Roon, Bluesound or others.


HDTracks is useless - I purchased about £200 of stuff from there and was unfortunate enough for my hard drive AND my back up to be damaged. They don’t allow you to download again - essentially lost. I would never given them another penny. To top it off their downloader is a monstrosity. That whole shoddy organisation is not going to last.

As for Qobuz, I buy my hi-res stuff from there now - totally DRM free and accessible via the browser anytime.

In terms of integration with Roon, looking at the Qobuz software, I’d be surprised if any future integration was one way. Why should Qobuz agree to let Roon stream their catalogue unless the RAAT streaming protocol is available in Qobuz? Qobuz already has Chromecast and DNLA support for streaming to devices. I suspect (total guess) this would be part of any negotiation, if it’s even happening.


Neither does Tidal. 7digital and bandcamp do.


…and I won’t ever buy any music from them either.