Qobuz not playing on Roon but TIDAL does

I’m having the same issue with Qobuz not playing through Roon, even though Tidal plays fine.

  • My Core is on a Zuma build with an Intel I3, running Win10. It goes from there to a Bryston BDA-2 DAC and on to a McIntosh MA6600. I control Roon using an iPad Air.

  • My Network is Comcast that typically gets 150+ MB according to SpeedTest. The modem is connected to an Airport Extreme and extended to an Airport Express, where SpeedTest clocks it at between 30-50 MB. The Zuma Win10 is connected to the Express via a gig switch.

  • My local content is stored on a Synology NAS, hooked to a gig switch that is connected to the Airport Extreme. I have no trouble with HD content up to 24/196.



Hello @John_Jessen,

I have split your post from the previous thread as to better assist you here. Can you please try playing a track on the Qobuz web player (play.qobuz.com) and let me know if you are able to play a track all the way until the end? If this works, can you try rebooting your Core and let me know if that changes anything?


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