Qobuz playlists

Why am I unable to add an album/track to a Qobuz playlist when I am listening to an album/track on Qobuz via Roon?

Roon cannot alter/edit Qobuz playlists, only playlists made in Roon. You can edit the Qobuz playlist and make a local copy, which you can then edit. But the edits stay in Roon and are not reflected in Qobuz.

So let me be sure I understand this correctly. You’re saying that if Roon is running and I’m listening to some music on Qobuz and I save it to a playlist it will show up in Roon, but not in Qobuz if I log in while I’m traveling, for example? If that’s the case, I’m paying for two services and only getting the advantage of one. I understand Roon is supposed to be about the quality of the music, but if I can’t save the music I’m listening to, Roon has just made the whole process a lot harder.

I hope this might make it clearer…

  1. I create a Playlist in Qobuz. call it TEST_ME and add an album.
  2. If I sync Qobuz, that playlist TEST_ME will show up in Roon and be marked with a Q to indicate it is a Qobuz playlist. (If it was Tidal it would be marked with a T)
  3. I play it, but, cannot modify it in Roon, because it is a Qobuz owned playlist.

At this point, I have two options, I can either, create a new playlist in Roon which I can add things to, or, Click Edit on Test_Me and create a local Roon copy. I can then edit the local copy of Test_Me. Either way, those local playlists live in Roon; they cannot be transferred back to a streaming service.

I get that; but the fact is, that so-called “Qobuz” playlist will not show up in Qobuz if I log on to Qobuz outside of Roon.

Hi @Marc_Erdrich,

This is correct, once you have added a playlist to Roon, you will need to save it as a local copy to make changes to it, and local copies are not synced back to Qobuz. What you could do here instead is add an album to your Qobuz library from Roon, and this should be synced back.

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